The Birthday Cake

On Saturday we had your party, Noah. It was absolutely one of the most fun times with you. I always love birthdays, and now getting to share them with you, it brings total joy to my heart! Every time you opened a present, you would gasp really loud and say “oh WOW mommy!” Sometimes you would gasp 2 or 3 times…once you said “Oh WOW! What is it Jude?” You were so excited to be getting something, you didn’t even know what it was! You were certainly a treat! Mommy and daddy had shopped a long time ago for your presents…we got you pots and pans and food for your playhouse that you got at Christmas time. You loved it! Jude and Peter got you a nerf gun. You have a hard time making it work, but you love shooting the mirror when you can get someone to pump it for you. I can’t wait to take you out and play with the new Tball set you got from Gma and Gpa. They also got you Superman PJ’s. You wore them that night, slept with the truck that Moss got you and wore them the next day. And the next. I finally got to wash them! You started doing flips all around the house and said “I’m a superhero mommy!” You are my superhero, Noah! We run around and play a sort of freeze tag right now. You say I am frozen, then you come and unfreeze me and I say “MY HERO!” What fun! You are also expanding in the art world, now, too. Uncle Nate and Aunt Kari got you a sidewalk chalk set that is 3D. Gma and Gpa got you Horton Hears a Who coloring books. Mommy and Daddy also got you your own CD player. It has Elmo on it. You were so excited about that! It has a microphone attached to it and you started singing on it right away.

I got to make your cake for you this year. It was Horton! I found out how to do it on the internet and it turned out ok! You loved it. You ate it for breakfast for about 4 days after the party, too. And snacks. Grandma H just couldn’t say no! It was so cute!


1. Our worship leader on Wednesday night said “we want to invoke God’s presence…” Noah looked at me with a surprised face and said…”Oh no! He broke God’s presents!!!” It was so not a moment to laugh…
2. You love to be in your tave (cave). Blankets and pillows are always a mess in the living room or bedroom because you have made a cave. Your favorite time is when daddy makes the cave with you. I love your laugh
3. When you wake up in the mornings, you declare…”it’s bootiful (beautiful) outside mommy, it not dark outside anymore. Somehow you have associated daylight with beautiful. When it is light outside, it is not time to sleep!
4. We were walking and looking at the cars in the museum. As you ran down the line of cars you said…”Dere’s yots and yots of bootiful tars, mommy!” As we were looking at the cars, I noticed a case and wastrying to figure out if it was real or not. He looked at me so serious and said…”Don’t touch mommy.” Woops
5. When you are in trouble, you are very repentant immediately. Usually you cry and then out of the blue ask “Are you happy mommy?” If I don’t answer (b/c I am not, you are in trouble) you keep asking, if I say no…oh life is worse. You say “I sorry mommy!” and then hug me. Then I answer you and say, yes, I am happy. You are fine then and go on your merry little way…so funny!
6. There is a water tower here where we live…you love to point it out often and get excited about that.
7. Every other day you get water tower, and water fountain mixed up. Randomly you talk about the water mountain over there. You love to build water mountains out of anything!
8. Anytime Titus starts crying you are right there. You say in the most sweetest voice “It O Tay baby titus, I here, It O tay” You are so loving!
9. You ride your bike like a pro now! All over the house and outside when the weather cooperates.
10. Your pretend world gets bigger by the minute. I am so amazed at how God has created us!
11. You are so full of energy, I find myself ready to go to bed with you at night!
12. You are very polite saying please, thank you and excuse me. Sometimes the excuse me can be rather loud when you are trying to get my attention!
There are so many more I want to add! Noah, I love you with all of my heart. Today was the anniversary of my motherhood. A great friend pointed that out to me. I began to think about how you came to be and couldn’t help but be blessed by God that you are my child, and you are my gift that I treasure. My life wouldn’t be the same without you! Thank you for such a wonderful 3 years!