Funny Conversations…

Conversation with Noah on the way home from school today:

I was getting the mail and after I returned to the car, was looking it over.

Mom, please we need to go! (He started calling me mom last week, I have no idea why)

Ok, Noah, why?

b/c I am so hungry mommy…I’m starving!

Oh…ok honey, we will leave right now.

See mommy, see my tummy? It is starving, you can see it! (as he pushes out his stomach to make it look huge)

I start laughing loud…I just can’t help myself!

No mommy! Stop yaughing (laughing)! I’m hungry!

Ok, honey, sorry…you are just so…awesome, Noah!

No! mommy I am not awesome! I am handsome!

You are?

Yes, mommy, I am handsome. And hungry.