A Visit To The Doctor!

Well, we finally had our one year check up yesterday! Noah is doing great, the Dr. said! When she walked in she exclaimed “My, he is huge!” And “Well, I see he is active…” This is said as he is excitedly hitting the farm clingies on the wall and jumping up and down while babbling. Yes, I think active is a good word. ha. He is 30 1/2 inches long, and 25.2 pounds…75th percentile for both. YEAH! Not to big, and not too small, just right!
She mentioned that soon he would start wanting to feed himself. He has sort of gone on a strike with food lately, (ODD) so we thought it would be fun to start teaching him how to hold the spoon…maybe spark some interest into his food again. Oh boy was that ever a…fun experience! !

He actually made it to his mouth with the applesauce a few times, but really just thought it took too long (patient, he is not) so just ended up putting the spaghetti to his mouth with fingers and then he just put the whole bowl in his mouth!