Sometimes I wonder about myself. When I read other posts and blogs from my friends they choose words like “peace” and “rest.” For
some reason God never lets me choose something like that word!

While I was driving one day it was very clear what word I should choose, for the word of the year.


This could mean a lot, and it is an action word. I think I have to have action words because if not, my lazy nature will kick in and bam! NOTHING has been accomplished. Although I would like to rest and peace, I think if I don’t choose to work at it, then I’ll just probably sleep in my chair.

So I choose to pursue.
Pursue peace.
Pursue rest.
Pursue relationships with friends and family.
Pursue excellent lesson plans that teach independent musicians that love to play and worship Jesus.
Pursue studying the Bible.
Pursue connecting with my boys and husband.
Pursue writing. As in, write monthly and submit SOMETHING SOMEWHERE.
Pursue writing music. And playing it. And letting other people listen to it and even sing it.
Pursue….so many things to pursue!

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