That’s Positive…

img_8813Recently our ministry has gone through several changes. It has been heartbreaking and mind-boggling in many ways. One day, though, we received an email that lightened my outlook a little.

“You may wear dress slacks to work…” It was more formal than that, with a lot of do’s and don’ts along with it, but basically, I saw the word PANTS.


Seriously…every time I’m in a situation that is challenging or hard, my immediate thought has been, “well, that’s ok, at least I get to wear pants!” I know, I know…this is an odd thought process for most people.


Most people also don’t have to teach little people music in a skirt and nylons, or march with teenagers in a skirt or dress! Just celebrate with me.

*waves a white hankie* Hallelujah and Amen!

I read an article recently that talked about “training our brain to revel in the positive.” I am a firm believer in this. For several years I have been working on making myself find the good in things instead of focusing solely on the bad. It’s not that I try to ignore the daunting task, but I try to take it in stride and not focus on the things that I can’t fix. Instead, I make myself find the good. Sometimes the stress pushes the things that are good away and it’s hard to focus on them. Fine. I make a list. I pray the list. I thank God for that list. (I might also cry because I know that I’m searching for some good and it’s just plain hard sometimes).

Right now, you may be going through some unsure, sad and scary things. Find a scripture and hang onto it. Play the up and down game with your family.  The key is to remember that God is bigger. Training yourself to remember that truth isn’t easy, but is worth the work so that a pair of pants can make your whole day better…


Sometimes I wonder about myself. When I read other posts and blogs from my friends they choose words like “peace” and “rest.” For
some reason God never lets me choose something like that word!

While I was driving one day it was very clear what word I should choose, for the word of the year.


This could mean a lot, and it is an action word. I think I have to have action words because if not, my lazy nature will kick in and bam! NOTHING has been accomplished. Although I would like to rest and peace, I think if I don’t choose to work at it, then I’ll just probably sleep in my chair.

So I choose to pursue.
Pursue peace.
Pursue rest.
Pursue relationships with friends and family.
Pursue excellent lesson plans that teach independent musicians that love to play and worship Jesus.
Pursue studying the Bible.
Pursue connecting with my boys and husband.
Pursue writing. As in, write monthly and submit SOMETHING SOMEWHERE.
Pursue writing music. And playing it. And letting other people listen to it and even sing it.
Pursue….so many things to pursue!

Snappin’ Beans


I’ve seen a meme on social media lately that says something to the fact that if kids would snap beans they would be better people. It doesn’t really say that, mind you, but that’s the impression I got when I saw it.

Honestly, though, I think there’s more to it that a meme just may not explain well enough to young parents.

A couple of things came to me while watching my youngest snap beans with his grandpa this week.

First, it’s about the work. Titus was working to make food that we will enjoy (and need) this winter. There is a satisfaction of being able to say thank you to my boys for helping us have food on our table. It gives them a sense of “I helped. I did something significant.”

Our children’s church curriculum teaches that to help a student feel significant, give them something significant to do. I think this works in every aspect of a child’s life. Snappin’ beans (work), when you teach them what the benefits are, is a part of that.

Another thing I noticed was that Titus took correction well from grandpa when he didn’t snap them “just so.” Listening to someone correct you is hard for all of us. Hearing it from someone other than me is important. The boys learn that correction is normal.

I think something happens over a bowl of snapped beans. Frankly, it can happen at the dinner table, the car ride and over a sink full of dishes. Time spent talking to each other, working together with a goal in mind is key to raising our kids in this crazy world. (You don’t just have to snap beans, either.)

It’s all about the time spent with each other. Talking with each other.