Music Olympics! Part 1

I absolutely love the Olympics! I love the stories of so many people working  hard to reach a goal. It’s quite inspiring. So, I thought having a little bit of Olympics here in the middle of a cornfield would be a great way to review musical concepts and have a blast while doing it!

First was the Javelin throw. It was tricky at first, but we got the hang of it pretty quick!

When Normal Is Extraordinary

Bocks of Rocks


I work in a ministry in the middle of a cornfield. The thing that gets me EVERY time?

When families torn apart by drugs and alcohol are somehow, miraculously put back together. It’s only something that God can do. Every circumstance points to suffering and destruction. And instead there is healing and restoration.

My son Noah plays summer ball. I love it. I love watching him work with a team and getting coached by someone who is passionate about the game. This year, we have a newer kid that came and joined the team…here at Heartland because his family is getting restored. His father should have been in prison. He made some bad choices in his earlier days. Drugs ruled his life…and destroyed his family.

And then…God intervened. Seriously the best words ever.

God changed this man’s life. And his wife’s life. And their families’ life. They got…

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