Dear Week Of Rest…


Andy Griffith…I really like this show, mom.
 Yes, that’s what I shall call you, the Week of Rest. After all of the performances, all of the writing, all of the grading and all of the travel (or none if you had the stomach flu like us), we have this wonderful week of in-between. 

One blissful week where staying up late is ok and although there is still work to be done, the pressure is different. The pressure this week is more of preparing for the new year. Planning. Brainstorming. Organizing. As Jon Acuff calls it, “Slingshot week.” 

And…cleaning. And that is where this moment makes me stop and be thankful for you, Week Of Rest. Here, my boys are playing in their clean, almost organized room, with organized Legos in their new chairs watching The Andy Griffith Show. By choice. 

“Just 10 more minutes, mom?” 

Why, sure, almost angelic children (at least for tonight).  This Week Of Rest won’t last forever. I choose to enjoy it, and enjoy you. 

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