When you start to take some initiative, your kids will take notice and follow. When you start to take some initiative, your kids will take notice and follow.

This month our theme for our Children’s Church program is “Initiative – seeing what needs to be done, and doing it.” Boy do we have a lot to learn from this lesson, don’t we? From the volunteer cameraman, nursery worker, greeter, usher, and singer (this list could go on and on, couldn’t it?), to the person who stops and helps someone up the stairs, turns off a set of lights left on, or picks up a piece of trash that was accidentally forgotten – we have plenty of opportunities to use our initiative. We can see something that needs to be done, and, instead of waiting for someone to beg and plead with us to help them, we just do it!

What about those chairs that are there after church for the men or Bible College boys to pick up? Just imagine if a few seasoned people who loved Jesus stopped and worked side by side with these guys for 20 minutes? What a relationship we could build! What a Story we could help fulfill! What if your hands – serving alongside those tattooed arms – was the difference between him fighting through the craving for a drink and staying, instead of quitting and going on a binge? Could it even lead to him eventually accepting the love that Jesus has for him? The relationships we build with our community is one of the deciding factors on how they know our Jesus.

This seems to be a post on a situation near and dear to me where I live. Is there a way it can translate in your community, though? Does your church need a volunteer? I’m sure it does. Do you see someone in need of a friend, that you could begin to build a relationship with if you just have some initiative to take the first step? Could you really help build part of the Kingdom and make a difference if you started thinking about what you could do to serve just a little bit more?

Yes, I think you can!