What Lance has been up to…

Lance has grown so much in the past few weeks it is amazing. From taking time to help me around the house (without me asking) to taking responsibility to groom his animals everyday to really stepping up and worshiping Jesus with his whole heart, I couldn’t be more proud!

Meet Lady and Wade. Lance saved his own money from last year’s fair and was able to buy this beautiful girl who just had the bull April 23rd. He is a registered bull (VERY big deal) and is the perfect age to show in next year’s fair. This means he doesn’t have to spend any money on a calf for next year if he chooses to make him a steer…the jury is still out on that one! Another picture of Wade…isn’t he cute! I could go into how amazing his build is (how he stands and walks) and stuff, but really…does anyone know what all of that means? I do! Yeah…I am a farm girl!

This is Jess. She is a little Heifer (means she hasn’t had a baby yet, when she does she will graduate to COW status) that is QUITE stubborn. Lance works with her daily to make her walk with him in circles. It is normal for me to find him pinned against the fence with a look of frustration on his face. This is good…God is working on Lance’s desire to want to give up and walk away. I am proud of his determination and endurance. He is so sweet to her!

This good lookin’ guy is named Chip. He is beautiful. Yes, I know…a steer is beautiful?! But really…Lance has worked on him faithfully everyday. Brushing his fur, setting up fans (to keep the fur), walking and feeding him. We are working on winning rate of gain this year with this guy. He started at 870 pounds in February. He is already at 1142, and gaining everyday! This already surpasses the weight of Lance’s steer from last year. I think he will be really sad to see him go in July. We are thinking about taking him to the State Fair, though! He’s nose printed, so he could go… What’s nose printing, you ask? Yeah…weird I know this stuff. It’s like a fingerprint…you can’t switch animals this way and cheat, getting a better animal than the one you have for the fair. Here Lance is trimming his steer. Yes…we cool them off to keep the fur, then trim it up in certain places. It is an art, really…you can trim the animal in such a way that he looks bigger where he needs to look bigger and trim where he needs to look better.

This is Rappie, Lance’s horse. Horse show season starts this month! Lance didn’t ride in the show this past weekend, he is wanting to practice a little before he rides her out in the ring. She has been a part of our farm family since October 2008. He also purchased her on his own! And a trailer…that she will only ride in the right side of. She refuses to get up into the left side. Crazy mare!

Lance, you amaze me at your work ethic and your love for the farm. I am so proud of the man you are becoming and the example you are for Noah and Titus. I pray that you continue to grow wise in the things of God and that you will become more confident in your walk with Jesus. I pray that you will let God take control of your life completely and in that your confidence will grow in everything you do! I love you!

2 Replies to “What Lance has been up to…”

  1. Wow, he sounds like such a great kid! How many kids his age actually work and purchase things themselves? You guys are great parents and the little guys are so lucky to have such a great big brother to look up too!

  2. Yeah, I love hearing about how Lance is doing! I am so proud of him, too.
    And, while it makes perfect sense, your farm knowledge cracks me up. But I’m glad you can explain it to me! 🙂

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