Mother’s Day 2009

What a special day. I love it that Mother’s are celebrated! I love it that I can celebrate being a mommy! Every year Daniel finds the prettiest flowers to plant around the house. I love it because they last so much longer than the cut flowers. They were beautiful this year! He and Lance planned ahead and bought them and hid them from me…then on Mother’s Day he got Noah and Lance (Titus was sleeping) and they started planting them for me! It was great because Noah got to join in this year and kind of understood what the point was! We went out to eat after church and then I got to take a nap! YEAH!! Here are pictures to enjoy…loving the Superman PJ’s on Noah…hehe

2 Replies to “Mother’s Day 2009”

  1. You have the best boys ever!!! Mother’s Day is the greatest and I can’t wait until I have a yard again to put flowers in… I think I will show Justin this post so he can make a mental note of it for summer 2011!

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