Another Story…

We were walking down the stairs this morning, going to start on breakfast. Noah decided to jump off of the stairs, scaring me. I told him not to jump…it is not safe and kinda dangerous. He answered by saying “but mommy, I had to jump off the stairs, it says so in my story right down here. Noah jumped off the stairs and it made him happy! That’s my story.”

Now…this is only funny if you watched the TV shows I watch. There is a show on PBS called SuperWhy. Noah LOVES it. I love it b/c it has superpower kids that go into books to solve problems. There is a “real” problem, and the storybook “problem.” As you read the book you find that problem. The superkids tell the storybook kid to stop whatever they are doing wrong. The storybook kids says that they can’t, because their story tells them that is what they have to do. “See, right down there…” The superkids then zap the word to make the story different. Guess I am going to have to get my zapper out.

So so funny…

3 Replies to “Another Story…”

  1. I kind of like that, thought…seems cheaper and then you have to watch OVER AND OVER AND OVER again…pretty much the same here…you watch the reruns of it often. At least your way you pick which re run! We don’t like the one when it has the scary goblin or the witch in it.

  2. Oh, too funny! This reminds me of a little boy I used to watch when Dora the Explorer first came out. His dad had been missing his wallet for about a week when they realized their two year old had stashed it away. When confronted about it he said, “I not naughty. I Swiper, the sneaky fox!”

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