Easter 2009

What a great resurrection day! Jesus has conquered the grave and I am no longer lost, or alone!

This could be one of my most favorite Easters. My mom and dad, and Daniel’s mom and dad stayed the night and celebrated Easter at our church this year. Our worship was amazing. Although I had to work doing the TV director thing, I was still brought to the throne by seeing the very picture of the relationship of Father to Son. Our worship leader sang with his son “There is a Redeemer.” By far one of my favorite songs, and just an amazing picture for our church to begin with. We then got to sing songs with the children of the church like “My Redeemer Lives.” Our Pastor preached a great sermon about Our Redeemer. Jesus, thank you for your amazing love and saying yes to the cross.

The boys woke up to Easter baskets full of treats for them. Noah was so cute…he walked in with his basket (at 6AM of course) and woke me up saying “yook mommy, de Easter Bunny yeft me a basket!” It is so fun because Noah just loved the treats! Grandma’s both got Noah and Titus toothbrushes and gma H got you pinwheels and bubbles. Perfect things to play with! Both Noah and Titus love to make the pinwheel “go.” We have many experiments to make it spin…throwing, tossing, spinning around in circles…so much fun!

Ok…their outfits. Noah’s is pretty special this year. It was an outfit given to him by a dear friend of mine. She was the wife of one of my favorite pastor’s from my teen years. I used to babysit her children all of the time. They were the first kids I realized could be amazing worshipers for Jesus if you raised them right. We played this game that said something like “raise your hands for Jesus!” as one of the activities on the board game to move forward. My whole world started opening up then of what kind of mommy I wanted to be! She sent three outfits to Noah when he was born. One for when he was a year old, one that was a cute shorts outfit for 4T. This was the year for the 4T outfit! YEAH! He was adorable. Noah decided to dance for me in this one…what a cheeser!Titus wore a matching plaid blue and yellow shirt. He was so handsome! Lance was grip that morning, so black for him…sorry about that! After church, we got to go out to eat! So much fun! Morgan and Daniel joined us for lunch, too! I loved it, and not having to cook, (especially since we had Titus’ birthday bar-b-q the day before) but think that next year a ham made by me and eating in our house will have to be. I loved eating out, honestly, but missed the cooking. NOT the cleaning up, though!

Here are some pictures of our day!

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