Titus’ Birthday Party!

Titus, your party was such a fun day! We had a cookout…all grandpa’s watched over our food and played with you.
Your great grandma and grandpa B came and celebrated with you!
She brought you an airplane that you immediately started flying in the air. We still have no clue who taught you that. You are so smart! Lisa and Linsay came too! They gave you the cutest outfits for the summer, and a sand toy. Moss was there, bringing you pajama’s and a toy Elmo. Both sets of grandma’s and grandpa’s were there. It was so much fun! Gma and Gpa H got you a penguin that you love to knock down,
and Gma and Gpa B got you your very own tricycle!
You love getting on it and letting Noah push you around. Mommy and Daddy got you a wagon to ride around in with your brother…you love it, but we haven’t gotten to play in it much, because this spring seems to be cold and windy. We also got you puzzles to put together, and a sign language video.

Your cake…well, I wanted you to have your very own cupcake, but wanted something to do with cars because that is your favorite toy. You love to make the vroom sound as you play with them all over the house. So…I made you a tire cake out of cupcakes! It turned out pretty well, I think! You were so cute when you figured out that you got to eat that sweet sweet stuff! I was a little worried because it was black icing…I thought it would stain your face and it was the day before Easter! No worries, though…it came off! I had to make black icing for the tire and that was a little bit of a challenge…until Miss Robyn came through with some great coloring! Yeah!

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