Titus is one!

My dear sweet Titus,
You are a complete joy in my life. You have the greatest smile and mostly a pretty laid back personality.

You love to play by yourself and can entertain yourself pretty well, too. You are truly amazing. I love to watch you think. You will get something in your hands and try to figure it out…how to make it go, how to put it together…sometimes I wonder if you are trying to figure out HOW it works…Kymm thought you had an engineering mind…I am pretty sure she is right!

You are walking already! You started walking at the end of March and you haven’t looked back. It is challenging to keep up with you! There is a little bit of a temper we see now and then, but for the most part you are so happy.

I love it that you are trying to talk so much. Everything is pretty much babble with TONS of inflection, like you know what you are saying…then you end it with “mama?”

You are a great sleeper! You prefer to move to get ready to sleep around 7:30PM or so. THAT is great! You take your last bottle, don’t fall asleep drinking it, and into bed you go! You smile up at me with sleepy eyes, roll over, let me cover you up and you are OUT. Again, you sleep most mornings until 8:00 AM! There are occasional days where 6-7AM is also a possibility, but you generally are great!

You are attached to mommy right now…personally, I love it, but sometimes it isn’t a great thing when I have to get work done and you need to stay at the daycare! This too shall pass…

You love love love to point. You have been pointing for months, but now you add your babbling to it. So cute. Today you got in the car seat and started pointing to Noah’s seat and babbled. You wanted to know where big brother was and you were not satisfied with my answer! You are also Lance’s biggest fan. When he walks into the room, you can forget about me!

You are an eater. Cheeseburgers are your favorite. I have tried to give you chicken nuggets, but they always end up on the floor. Your next favorite food? Spaghetti! You love eating it and making a mess with it.

You are pretty content to play by yourself. You wander around the toys and pick something up and play with it, then move on to something else…you have done this since a very young age. I am pretty amazed by this! I can leave you in your crib and you play in there, too! Just babbling away and pushing buttons on whatever toy I have put in there.

Titus, you are a joy and a treasure and I couldn’t imagine my life without you! You have the most beautiful blue eyes and the roundest face. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you Jesus for this true gift. Help Daniel and I to raise Titus to be a man of God that will stand in this difficult world we live in. Help him to lead others to you…to have a kind servant’s heart like his daddy. Take his strong will and let him use that to your Glory.

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