Funny Conversations…

Conversation with Noah on the way home from school today:

I was getting the mail and after I returned to the car, was looking it over.

Mom, please we need to go! (He started calling me mom last week, I have no idea why)

Ok, Noah, why?

b/c I am so hungry mommy…I’m starving!

Oh…ok honey, we will leave right now.

See mommy, see my tummy? It is starving, you can see it! (as he pushes out his stomach to make it look huge)

I start laughing loud…I just can’t help myself!

No mommy! Stop yaughing (laughing)! I’m hungry!

Ok, honey, sorry…you are just so…awesome, Noah!

No! mommy I am not awesome! I am handsome!

You are?

Yes, mommy, I am handsome. And hungry.

Easter 2009

What a great resurrection day! Jesus has conquered the grave and I am no longer lost, or alone!

This could be one of my most favorite Easters. My mom and dad, and Daniel’s mom and dad stayed the night and celebrated Easter at our church this year. Our worship was amazing. Although I had to work doing the TV director thing, I was still brought to the throne by seeing the very picture of the relationship of Father to Son. Our worship leader sang with his son “There is a Redeemer.” By far one of my favorite songs, and just an amazing picture for our church to begin with. We then got to sing songs with the children of the church like “My Redeemer Lives.” Our Pastor preached a great sermon about Our Redeemer. Jesus, thank you for your amazing love and saying yes to the cross.

The boys woke up to Easter baskets full of treats for them. Noah was so cute…he walked in with his basket (at 6AM of course) and woke me up saying “yook mommy, de Easter Bunny yeft me a basket!” It is so fun because Noah just loved the treats! Grandma’s both got Noah and Titus toothbrushes and gma H got you pinwheels and bubbles. Perfect things to play with! Both Noah and Titus love to make the pinwheel “go.” We have many experiments to make it spin…throwing, tossing, spinning around in circles…so much fun!

Ok…their outfits. Noah’s is pretty special this year. It was an outfit given to him by a dear friend of mine. She was the wife of one of my favorite pastor’s from my teen years. I used to babysit her children all of the time. They were the first kids I realized could be amazing worshipers for Jesus if you raised them right. We played this game that said something like “raise your hands for Jesus!” as one of the activities on the board game to move forward. My whole world started opening up then of what kind of mommy I wanted to be! She sent three outfits to Noah when he was born. One for when he was a year old, one that was a cute shorts outfit for 4T. This was the year for the 4T outfit! YEAH! He was adorable. Noah decided to dance for me in this one…what a cheeser!Titus wore a matching plaid blue and yellow shirt. He was so handsome! Lance was grip that morning, so black for him…sorry about that! After church, we got to go out to eat! So much fun! Morgan and Daniel joined us for lunch, too! I loved it, and not having to cook, (especially since we had Titus’ birthday bar-b-q the day before) but think that next year a ham made by me and eating in our house will have to be. I loved eating out, honestly, but missed the cooking. NOT the cleaning up, though!

Here are some pictures of our day!

Titus’ Birthday Party!

Titus, your party was such a fun day! We had a cookout…all grandpa’s watched over our food and played with you.
Your great grandma and grandpa B came and celebrated with you!
She brought you an airplane that you immediately started flying in the air. We still have no clue who taught you that. You are so smart! Lisa and Linsay came too! They gave you the cutest outfits for the summer, and a sand toy. Moss was there, bringing you pajama’s and a toy Elmo. Both sets of grandma’s and grandpa’s were there. It was so much fun! Gma and Gpa H got you a penguin that you love to knock down,
and Gma and Gpa B got you your very own tricycle!
You love getting on it and letting Noah push you around. Mommy and Daddy got you a wagon to ride around in with your brother…you love it, but we haven’t gotten to play in it much, because this spring seems to be cold and windy. We also got you puzzles to put together, and a sign language video.

Your cake…well, I wanted you to have your very own cupcake, but wanted something to do with cars because that is your favorite toy. You love to make the vroom sound as you play with them all over the house. So…I made you a tire cake out of cupcakes! It turned out pretty well, I think! You were so cute when you figured out that you got to eat that sweet sweet stuff! I was a little worried because it was black icing…I thought it would stain your face and it was the day before Easter! No worries, though…it came off! I had to make black icing for the tire and that was a little bit of a challenge…until Miss Robyn came through with some great coloring! Yeah!

Titus is one!

My dear sweet Titus,
You are a complete joy in my life. You have the greatest smile and mostly a pretty laid back personality.

You love to play by yourself and can entertain yourself pretty well, too. You are truly amazing. I love to watch you think. You will get something in your hands and try to figure it out…how to make it go, how to put it together…sometimes I wonder if you are trying to figure out HOW it works…Kymm thought you had an engineering mind…I am pretty sure she is right!

You are walking already! You started walking at the end of March and you haven’t looked back. It is challenging to keep up with you! There is a little bit of a temper we see now and then, but for the most part you are so happy.

I love it that you are trying to talk so much. Everything is pretty much babble with TONS of inflection, like you know what you are saying…then you end it with “mama?”

You are a great sleeper! You prefer to move to get ready to sleep around 7:30PM or so. THAT is great! You take your last bottle, don’t fall asleep drinking it, and into bed you go! You smile up at me with sleepy eyes, roll over, let me cover you up and you are OUT. Again, you sleep most mornings until 8:00 AM! There are occasional days where 6-7AM is also a possibility, but you generally are great!

You are attached to mommy right now…personally, I love it, but sometimes it isn’t a great thing when I have to get work done and you need to stay at the daycare! This too shall pass…

You love love love to point. You have been pointing for months, but now you add your babbling to it. So cute. Today you got in the car seat and started pointing to Noah’s seat and babbled. You wanted to know where big brother was and you were not satisfied with my answer! You are also Lance’s biggest fan. When he walks into the room, you can forget about me!

You are an eater. Cheeseburgers are your favorite. I have tried to give you chicken nuggets, but they always end up on the floor. Your next favorite food? Spaghetti! You love eating it and making a mess with it.

You are pretty content to play by yourself. You wander around the toys and pick something up and play with it, then move on to something else…you have done this since a very young age. I am pretty amazed by this! I can leave you in your crib and you play in there, too! Just babbling away and pushing buttons on whatever toy I have put in there.

Titus, you are a joy and a treasure and I couldn’t imagine my life without you! You have the most beautiful blue eyes and the roundest face. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you Jesus for this true gift. Help Daniel and I to raise Titus to be a man of God that will stand in this difficult world we live in. Help him to lead others to you…to have a kind servant’s heart like his daddy. Take his strong will and let him use that to your Glory.

The Birthday Cake

On Saturday we had your party, Noah. It was absolutely one of the most fun times with you. I always love birthdays, and now getting to share them with you, it brings total joy to my heart! Every time you opened a present, you would gasp really loud and say “oh WOW mommy!” Sometimes you would gasp 2 or 3 times…once you said “Oh WOW! What is it Jude?” You were so excited to be getting something, you didn’t even know what it was! You were certainly a treat! Mommy and daddy had shopped a long time ago for your presents…we got you pots and pans and food for your playhouse that you got at Christmas time. You loved it! Jude and Peter got you a nerf gun. You have a hard time making it work, but you love shooting the mirror when you can get someone to pump it for you. I can’t wait to take you out and play with the new Tball set you got from Gma and Gpa. They also got you Superman PJ’s. You wore them that night, slept with the truck that Moss got you and wore them the next day. And the next. I finally got to wash them! You started doing flips all around the house and said “I’m a superhero mommy!” You are my superhero, Noah! We run around and play a sort of freeze tag right now. You say I am frozen, then you come and unfreeze me and I say “MY HERO!” What fun! You are also expanding in the art world, now, too. Uncle Nate and Aunt Kari got you a sidewalk chalk set that is 3D. Gma and Gpa got you Horton Hears a Who coloring books. Mommy and Daddy also got you your own CD player. It has Elmo on it. You were so excited about that! It has a microphone attached to it and you started singing on it right away.

I got to make your cake for you this year. It was Horton! I found out how to do it on the internet and it turned out ok! You loved it. You ate it for breakfast for about 4 days after the party, too. And snacks. Grandma H just couldn’t say no! It was so cute!