A Great Read…

I couldn’t put this book down. Click HERE to read the blog…it is amazing that we don’t know what is going on in the world. And it affects us greatly.

I love this man and his family so much. Daniel and I have known them for a long time. Tass’ story is amazing. God’s power and love shows through their lives continually. I am so excited about his ministry and the lives Tass is touching because he waited so long to start. Since he waited, God has blessed. From starting a kindergarten in Gaza, to starting another in Jericho. From killing Jews, to showing them the life they can have in Jesus. Yes, killing Jews. Traveling all over the world, speaking in some huge churches. Having no money, to raising millions. All to reach Muslims and Jews. Here is the LINKY to buy a copy for yourself! See…it’s so easy!

A Quick Update

Oh boy oh boy! God is sooo good! It is so refreshing to see Him work things out so quickly! Here is an email I received late last night…

Thanks so much for your prayers for Carson. We got good news today on Carson’s galactosemia test as his blood levels were in the normal range. That means that he is done with all his diet restrictions and can have milk and food with galactose now. He also got through his milk trial without any harm to his body. We just praise God for the healing he provided Carson and thank you for your prayers!

Lori & Jeff

This little guy is soooo cute and I am so blessed to know his mom and dad. What a beautiful family, and what a relief for a new mommy. I got to spend the past weekend with them, and Carson was a treat. I can’t wait for Titus and Carson to be best of friends! Pictures to come soon, I promise mom!

Don’t you love the new background!? Happy Fall!


I have a friend who I think is completely amazing. She juggles so much, and her family is beautiful. I thought you guys should read this…and this is where it all began, if you want to read why this is proving the goodness of God! Boy Felicity, this made my day!

I also have another friend that has entered the blogging world! WHOO HOO! I have a special prayer request for you guys for her and her son, Carson. Here is what she emailed me, and what my prayer is right now. Could you join me in praying for him? This isn’t just “lactose intolerant,” it is pretty serious.

Hi friends & family,
We wanted to send out this message to ask for prayer for Carson. Carson has Duarte Galactosemia (a rare, genetic, metabolic disorder where his body doesn’t have the enzymes to process galactose/milk) and starting this Saturday, he will go on a 10 day milk trial to see if his body will start making the enzymes to process galactose. We’re hopeful that the tests will come back saying that he can start drinking milk based formula and not have dietary restrictions when we start trying baby food. We are also hopeful that this milk trial won’t hurt him in any way by causing damage to his kidneys, liver, or brain.

God give them wisdom to know what to look for and when the testing should be done. Give Jeff and Lori peace that passes all understanding in their situation with their precious little miracle. Give the dr.s wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Guide their hands, guide their thoughts and guide the testing. In all of this let every person that Lori and Jeff come in contact with see Jesus. Give them direction to ask the right questions and be persistent, even when they think they are being annoying to the Drs. I pray that the drs never give the idea to Jeff and Lori that they are! Let words be clear. Again I pray for a peace of mind.

God, most of all, I ask for healing. Carson is a treasured gift from You that You created to be whole and perfect in every way. I pray that you start rebuilding those enzymes now so that when this trial begins on Saturday they will be there to process the milk that he eats so he can be whole, healthy and happy. Because really, Jesus, you created ice cream to be eaten and Carson is going to need some when he gets older! Jesus, you have the power to make these enzymes to process the galactose for Carson. It doesn’t have to make sense to the Drs or to us, we just know and have the confidence that you can do this. Please show your power to us all through Carson. Jesus we trust You. We glorify You for the life of Carson and what goodness you have brought us even in this struggle and trial.

God is good!

A Letter To My Oldest…

Dear Lance,
This week you turn 16 years old. I have watched you grow from a painfully shy, backwards, skinny child into a young man that is now slowly beginning to take a stand for the Father who will never leave you. To say that I am proud of you seems not enough to say.

I remember worrying over you because you were so shy. You would never look into anyone’s eye as they spoke to you, and we could never hear what you said because you were so quiet. Speaking was never something that you were good at, because you were so afraid that you would say something wrong that you would stutter over yourself.

This year you have grown by leaps and bounds in so many different ways! I am sure you have grown at LEAST a foot! But more than that, you have grown in your character and your confidence. This year at the 4H fair I saw such a completely different child…er…young man. You spoke with confidence to the judge in a high pressure situation. You had an opinion on how your steer should look and be, which means you are taking ownership of something you love. You smiled and looked at the judge like it was somewhat of a second nature to you. I was beeming with pride. That steer’s head was up and you worked that ring.

Now you are riding horses. That is an accomplishment in and of itself. You were so scared after getting kicked I didn’t know if you would ever be back on a horse. You were, and now you are riding barrels, flags and tons of other things. You love being a cowboy. Living on a farm is where you are content. Al gave you a cowboy Bible for your birthday, and I think it was perfect.

Basically, Lance, Dad and I could not imagine our lives without you. I am so proud of who you are, and what you are becoming. Please continue to stand for Christ, even when the pressure is too great that you can’t take it anymore. I am so proud to be your mom.

I love you!

A Visit With My Girls

Lately I have been able to get mommy to go and visit some special friends of mine! Kate and Halle! I have so much fun pretending with them. On Friday I learned how to cook eggs for them as I played daddy, mommy and baby. I also learned the fine art of pushing the baby in the stroller. It was so much fun! We also got to watch Diego together, and then play a great game of “peek a boo” with Titus! Love you guys!

I also learned another fine art…the power of the blanket! I decided since the girls and Titus hold something silky, that maybe it would be a great idea! I’m not so sure about the thumb, thing, though…fingers seem better to me!