The Park is Here!

A year or two ago our church raised some money to make a park for the kids to play on. It has been sitting in the backyard/courtyard for awhile, now, and everyone was so excited when lo and behold, it was being put together! It is beautiful! It is a little too big for little guys, but there is a swing set, and the slides are reachable, so Noah is quite happy! Here he is on the swings…so much fun!

And then…in the middle of playing…”I go potty, mommy…”
Oh no! No bathroom in site! What to do…and there it is…Noah is christening the playground. GREAT.

Luckily, James was at his house, and the night in shining armor let us in to use the bathroom (that by this time was no longer needed). He even ran to the school to get Noah’s extra pair of pants and underwear. What a great guy!

After that, back to playing!

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