Noah’s Potty-isms

We went to the fair in our local town last week, and it was wonderful! Well, as we are there, of course Noah had to try out all of the local Johnny on the Spots. His favorite turned out to be the courthouse bathroom. One of these times I had to go to the bathroom as well. As I was getting ready to “go,” Noah got this real serious look on his face, looked down at the potty and then back at my face and said, “don’t forget to hold your pee pee down mommy.” I have never laughed so hard!

He also says “I go potty awot, mommy” instead of number 2!

3 Replies to “Noah’s Potty-isms”

  1. It was really really easy! I went to I need your blog address again! I lost it doing the new one. Bummer…save it save it save it before you do it! TONS to choose from, some are quite hokey. I got the idea from Landon’s blog! Kari’s is really cool!

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