Titus Four Months

Titus, you have made it through your first 4H fair with flying colors. The schedule was a mess, eating was hurried, hot or sometimes formula. Which you don’t like too much. Noah learned how to stick the passie in your mouth so that you wouldn’t stop crying. It was the first time I think that Noah realized he needed to help you and mommy. You love both of your brothers so much!

I have had to get different bottles for you, because you don’t like the ones I already had. You are a laytex baby. I went on a search for pacifiers for you also. I found an old one of Carrie’s daughter, Leah (who is now 7) and you LOVE it. It is pink. Finally found some like it that are BLUE, but you actually prefer the pink one, so you use it at night when no one is looking. I have no idea what the difference is, but you do!

You are amazing. I know I use that word often, but truly you are. Easy, laid back and easy to please are words that come to mind. You love to chat and coo. Your laugh is so much fun, too!

You love to smile at everyone and carry on conversations all of the time. It’s like you are excited to talk with me. I think you will be like that in life…make whomever you are talking to feel incredibly special.

I love it that you have made your own schedule, and putting you to sleep is a dream. Noah was a little more work in that area, and you just put yourself to sleep, and are sleeping at least 7-9 hours at night already!
You don’t really like tummy time too much. I do it because it is good for you, but you prefer your back and sitting up in your chair or the bumbo your aunt Kari let you borrow.

And you are sooo long! We go to the dr. soon for your well visit, so we will find out then! You have also started cereal. I don’t think you like it too much. You will get better at it, I am sure, but when giving it to you last night you didn’t really care about it…you wanted milk and that was that!

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