The Big Roll…

Titus rolled over from his back to his tummy today! He got stuck, and hated it. That’s ok, though…super mommy was there to save the day! Then we went and got our 3 month pictures done! Too bad he’s four months….

Poor Titus, I am so sorry I am not as on the ball as I used to be!

Noah’s Potty-isms

We went to the fair in our local town last week, and it was wonderful! Well, as we are there, of course Noah had to try out all of the local Johnny on the Spots. His favorite turned out to be the courthouse bathroom. One of these times I had to go to the bathroom as well. As I was getting ready to “go,” Noah got this real serious look on his face, looked down at the potty and then back at my face and said, “don’t forget to hold your pee pee down mommy.” I have never laughed so hard!

He also says “I go potty awot, mommy” instead of number 2!

The Park is Here!

A year or two ago our church raised some money to make a park for the kids to play on. It has been sitting in the backyard/courtyard for awhile, now, and everyone was so excited when lo and behold, it was being put together! It is beautiful! It is a little too big for little guys, but there is a swing set, and the slides are reachable, so Noah is quite happy! Here he is on the swings…so much fun!

And then…in the middle of playing…”I go potty, mommy…”
Oh no! No bathroom in site! What to do…and there it is…Noah is christening the playground. GREAT.

Luckily, James was at his house, and the night in shining armor let us in to use the bathroom (that by this time was no longer needed). He even ran to the school to get Noah’s extra pair of pants and underwear. What a great guy!

After that, back to playing!

Some Fun

I was looking at old pictures, and found this one of Noah at 3 months. Here is Titus at about the same age…almost 4 months…same outfit and everything! HA!

Titus Four Months

Titus, you have made it through your first 4H fair with flying colors. The schedule was a mess, eating was hurried, hot or sometimes formula. Which you don’t like too much. Noah learned how to stick the passie in your mouth so that you wouldn’t stop crying. It was the first time I think that Noah realized he needed to help you and mommy. You love both of your brothers so much!

I have had to get different bottles for you, because you don’t like the ones I already had. You are a laytex baby. I went on a search for pacifiers for you also. I found an old one of Carrie’s daughter, Leah (who is now 7) and you LOVE it. It is pink. Finally found some like it that are BLUE, but you actually prefer the pink one, so you use it at night when no one is looking. I have no idea what the difference is, but you do!

You are amazing. I know I use that word often, but truly you are. Easy, laid back and easy to please are words that come to mind. You love to chat and coo. Your laugh is so much fun, too!

You love to smile at everyone and carry on conversations all of the time. It’s like you are excited to talk with me. I think you will be like that in life…make whomever you are talking to feel incredibly special.

I love it that you have made your own schedule, and putting you to sleep is a dream. Noah was a little more work in that area, and you just put yourself to sleep, and are sleeping at least 7-9 hours at night already!
You don’t really like tummy time too much. I do it because it is good for you, but you prefer your back and sitting up in your chair or the bumbo your aunt Kari let you borrow.

And you are sooo long! We go to the dr. soon for your well visit, so we will find out then! You have also started cereal. I don’t think you like it too much. You will get better at it, I am sure, but when giving it to you last night you didn’t really care about it…you wanted milk and that was that!

Potty Time!

About 5 weeks ago I decided to potty train Noah. Now, for a few months we have had the potty chair out (Elmo, his best friend and the best potty chair out there known to man and boy). I would have him sit on it whenever, usually in the mornings. He would watch Dora or Diego or Sesame Street and I would nurse Titus. That has been our routine for a little while now. So, he began realizing what the potty chair was, and what was supposed to happen. He would come to me and tell me he was “poopy mommy” so I figured it was about time to start him on it. I wanted to do it before Titus, but most of the advice given to me was to wait, he would regress to get attention. So I waited. Well, I got this great book, “How to potty train your child in a day” or something like that. It had great methods and ideas, and things to think about. Basically she dedicated one day to having a potty party and treats and movies and everything and spend the whole day just potty training. You start out with a doll and “teach” the doll what to do on the potty. I found a doll that wet diapers and wrapped it up for Noah. He loved the present. He even named it himself! Baby Mishee. I have no idea where that name came from…baby Mishee? I asked. Yeah, he says. OK. I am amazed at the creativity already there in Noah. An imagination already? WOW. I just didn’t realize that would already start happening! He was amazed at Baby Mishee going pee and poo in the potty (used those bite sized prunes, perfect for baby poo!) Noah’s eyes got so wide when he saw Baby Mishee poo in the potty. Well, after Noah’s nap I put him in real underware. Diego. He loved them. UNTIL. Until he had to go potty and realized there was something coming out! Oh did he cry and cry. I would rush him to the bathroom, pull down the underware, and he would scream and not want to go on the potty. I was stunned. He loved going on it before, and now? I kept trying that night, he kept screaming for his diaper back. I tried the next day, but to no avail…he hated the potty, and thought I don’t know…that his body was coming apart or something? I stopped. I didn’t want him afraid of the potty, and I couldn’t handle his screaming and crying, honestly!

Well, two weeks ago, I don’t know what came over me…I was done waiting. I knew he was getting it, and thought maybe it was the right time again…maybe now that he knew really what was going on, he wouldn’t be scared anymore. I had been getting him to do what we had done before. Watch TV and potty. He was quicker now to say he had gone potty and loved to celebrate. So, I put him in pull ups the first day. He had to go to daycare that day, so I just let them know to take him when his friend Ariana went. IT WORKED! YEE HAW! It just clicked for him all of a sudden! I went ahead that night and put him in regular underwear (DIEGO) and no accidents that night! So then I put him in regular underwear the next day instead of pull ups. There was one accident at the daycare, but really…he did and Excellent job! He was telling me when he needed to go and everything. I am still amazed that my little guy has grown up so much. Independent. He has had only one accident this week, because he was playing in the gym and didn’t want to stop. Typical boy. He is so amazing!

Granma Pat got Noah a hat to celebate. He is so cute in it I can’t believe it! He wears it everywhere. SOOO FUNNY!

Now, the only problem with potty training is this…someone mentioned that traveling is going to be difficult now. I completely didn’t think of that! OH MAN!

This begins my long list of updates

Ok. I know. Fair is over. It just seems that every time I sit down to the computer and want to update, I feel the overwhelmingly call of editing right now. Obed might be leaving me right now and to be honest, it completely stresses me out. My heart is pounding right now. Hot flash. I believe that if I ignore it, it won’t happen. But it is. He has taken over so many things for me in my job that it is a bit overwhelming to think I will have to think about things again. SIGH. So, that could be a reason why I am avoiding the blog. Then, at night, when things settle down? I have the call of BED come over me. Want to be in it. So I listen to it. So, I am starting to update now, and will continue over the next few days to get it all in. There has really been SO MUCH GOING ON. And now, it looks as if there is a “scheduled outage” that is going to happen in about 3 minutes! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have that in life sometimes? ha. Love you mom!

Got a new kid. 16 1/2 years old. He’s a trip. Oh my what a trip. God you are sooo very funny sometimes!