He did it!

Noah did a few things this weekend that melted my heart, and I don’t want to forget. On Saturday we had a great day. I went to a garage sale and got some cute cheap clothes for when Noah and Titus are older. We walked in, Noah said “I shopping” and went for the puzzles, then the balls. He was so great!

When we got home, we ate lunch and then he laid down to take a nap. After I accomplished some tasks, I laid down on the couch. Noah woke up, and came and laid down by me. I used to lay in the crook of my mom’s legs whenever she took a nap. You know, using the tush as the pillow? I have fond memories of her just taking the time to be close to me. Noah did that! He laid down right there and we rested for a little while. I loved it.

Last night after reading a story and praying, I said, “I love you Noah.” He looked at me and said “I love you, too, mommy.” He has said “I love you” to my mom, daddy and BB…he finally said it to me on his own last night. I am loving being a mommy.

**I forgot! Yesterday he made me laugh. I thought I smelled something, and said, as always, “Noah, are you dirty, did you poop?” He said, “No mommy I no poop, it’s just gas.” OH.MY.GOODNESS are you ever funny!

My favorite moment with Titus? Whenever he is done nursing and has fallen asleep, I move him to his bed and he smiles and scrunches up his whole body trying to stretch one more time before he completely falls asleep. His little chunky cheeks are precious.

Take a look at this…

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I am telling you what…she even pauses at the right times! This reminds me of one of my favorite professors singing this on stage at SBU! So many good memories! Of course, they are all memories of me and my friends making fun of him singing it!

I know, I know

Yes, updating seems to be a difficult thing for me as of late. I wonder why? Ha. So, I am writing a list of things that I will hopefully get to, to update. I have missed some things, so will tell some stories too. For right now, here is a list to help me think.

1. Titus 2 month check up
2. Noah’s 2 year check up
3. Crossover Festival and visiting Gma and Gpa and Maggie
4. Noah’s dedication (he was dedicated a long time ago but I never told the story!)
5. Lance’s first horse show
6. I joined Weight Watchers
7. I am not teaching band anymore
8. I am teaching band again
9. We have been married for 11 years tomorrow. wow.
10. Summer break began
11. Summer break has ended
12. Daniel graduated Bible College
13. Ben graduated High School
14. My slings came in, they were not the right size, waiting for the new sizes
15. Getting ready for the fair
16. Wendy left (incredible trumpeter in my band)
17. Video world has been challenging
18. Titus is amazing
19. Noah makes me laugh everyday
20. My little Lance is a freshman this year
21. People keep moving, making work hard for Daniel
22. Holy cow Dion is a senior…we made it!
23. Oh yeah…going to start really potty training Noah…oh the fun that we will have!
**EDITED! Because I forgot!
24. Visited the zoo for the first time!
25. Mother’s Day
26. Father’s Day
27. Big boy bed

Aren’t these great pictures?