Titus At Six Weeks

Can you believe it has been six weeks already? Titus is growing like a weed! At the doctor’s office this week he was 24 inches long and 14 pounds! OH MY! Now, he really might be smaller than that, actually…the measuring wasn’t extremely accurate. I think he might be around 23 inches. 24 sounds just too big!

Titus has the greatest personality. He is content to eat and sleep, and eat and sleep he does! He is letting me sleep for at least 5 hours at night already.

Noah is wonderful with him. He loves to look at him and yells “mommy he ‘wake!” That seems to be Noah’s favorite thing.

My favorite thing? In the mornings when we can be lazy (not often) Noah will come in to our room (that is another story!) and I will have Titus in the recliner feeding him with the boppy. Noah will climb onto the recliner between my legs and lay his head on the boppy as a pillow and just be content to be there. I love it.

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