My Little Boy is 2

Dear Noah,
You are amazing. My mom always talked about this “tiger love” that you have for your children, and I know what she is talking about. As you turn two, there are so many things that make this age by far my favorite.

  • You have this look you started just last week. When you get mad or upset at something we say, you scrunch up your face, stick out your lips and your eyes let us know that you are showing your “mad” side. It never works, though…I laugh loud every time. It is too cute.
  • You are a talker. Everyday it seems that you say more and we understand you more. You speak in some sentences now, and although L’s sound like N’s, we understand you!
  • Lou Lou and Landon are your favorite playmates/babysitters. You call their mom, mom, but it is more like MAW MAW and then you look and me and call me momma. Landon is Nandon and Linsay is Nandon too, until you get corrected and then she is Lou Lou…Linsay I guess is too hard for you to say!?
  • “Boys” are your favorite, too. You know Ben, Dis, Nance, and Di-YON. You haven’t quite figured out Dustin or Anthony, yet, but you are already a pro at Dillon’s name!
  • When I holler for one of the boys, you are right there by my side, saying their name and whatever I have told them to do…if it is to get the chores done, you say it. If it is to come to eat, you say that!
  • You are finally sleeping through the night. I have been so jealous of all of the mom’s out there whose children sleep through the night. You are so stubborn, that you would wake yourself up and refuse to be settled! I realized that you wanted in our bed, so when I started breaking this habit, we would sit in the recliner in your room so you could see us there, but when we would get up to leave, immediately you were up and screaming. I think your daddy and I have soft hearts, and you knew how to manipulate that! Too smart…grandma said you had us “hoodwinked.” I think she was right. Well, thanks to the new baby one night I had to go to the bathroom so left you crying in your bed. In 5 seconds you were asleep never to be heard from until morning. You have not gotten up in the middle of the night since!
  • You are not a child that likes to sleep in. 5:30 AM is about the norm, but on a good day 6:30 AM is all your momma gets to sleep in.
  • You call me momma. I love it…I always said mommy but for some reason you like momma and mom. Daddy is still daddy, though!
  • YOU LOVE THE FARM. In the mornings when you don’t go to daycare you get to go with daddy and the boys to the farm and feed the “Bock Bock’s.” You love to gather eggs, and last week there were new baby goats which made you so excited you talked about it with me when I got home. Any farm book, farm animal, animal about books, and you are captured with reading. You love to get on your farm boots (by yourself of course), hat and coat and willingly leave momma to go to the farm. You love getting dirty.
  • You have started this new habit, now…I will get after you, you know I am getting onto you, and you look at me with this grin and say “mommy…” and then you smile. I laugh every time…not good, my son, not good!

You are so sweet. You already think of others like your daddy. Sometimes I worry about the “mine” syndrome, and then you do something that blows that thought out of the water. Often I would take a shower while you were awake and watching “bue coos” or some other fun show. You come into the bathroom to check on me, and open the door. Your box of bath toys are on the floor next to the shower, and you always open the door, surprising me, and say, “here mommy, here mommy.” I look down and you are handing me your hippo that goes on the faucet, and the pitcher that I use to rinse your hair. So sweet.

Today at the doctor’s office you surprised me again. A little girl came up to me wanting the cheeto’s snack that I was getting out to give you. You were a little snotty with her, and said “No!” I got after you, and you started moving toward her…I was afraid you were going to do something naughty, and instead you give her your cheeto! Jesus, thank you so much that he is getting it! You then took the next cheeto and gave it to another little boy. Boy were you popular! I was beeming from ear to ear.

Counting. You love to count. Tonight you counted to seven…you were counting toothpaste bottles. Last night you really threw me for a loop! We were counting in one of your books, and were to the number 6. We had so much fun counting the different animals. Well, we were counting fish, and I said, “one,” then you join in with “dos, tres, quatro, cinco and seis!” I just stared at you. I think it’s just a fluke, you know how mommy’s are, their son is just amazing, but oh what a great story!

These are your birthday pictures, sweetheart! You had so much fun! It was Easter and your birthday all rolled into one. You got a pat pat rocket and an refrigerator alphabet toy. You love both. You love singing the ABC’s. You don’t quite say all of the letters, but you are getting close!

Mommy made you the coolest cake. I loved doing it. I was tired, 8 months pregnant with Baby Titus, and making a big meal for Easter, too. I wouldn’t change a thing at all. You had a blast…you looked so good in your pinstriped pants and little tie.

It’s all about the candles…you love blowing them out. I am sorry they are weird big ones, the store was out of normal candles…you didn’t care, though! You thought they were great! You blew them out several times.

Jesus, thank you for my son. We begged and pleaded You for one, and you blessed us overwhelmingly. Noah was worth the wait. Jesus, he humbles me, tries me, and makes me feel how much you love me. I love to see his smile, I love to hear him sing, and I love to read and pray with him at night. Thank you for blessing me with this gift of love, and please help me to raise him to follow you.

I love you Noah Michal.

5 Replies to “My Little Boy is 2”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the cake, that is probably my favorite kids tv show, it’s only been on a handful of times since we moved here:( Our carseats are Britax, the boys are in Parkway boosters (bubbly fun and cougar) which have been discontinued…boo and Miss Katara is in a roundabout in Aloha print. I LOVE their seats, they are pricey but really good seats oh and they are cute too! I am totally jonesing for the Marathon in Ashley Floral but that will never happen the seat is too big to fit in our car!

  2. I am totally impressed with that cake!! How did you do it? My mom used to make us cakes like that… Cookie monster, or a 3-D Barbie or 3-D bear (I guess all cakes are 3-D, I just mean that they were standing up). We used to wonder why mom took pictures of those cakes — now I don’t question it at all!

  3. That’s so funny that El beat me to that comment!! It’s just exactly what I was going to say! 🙂 W2G sis. And I can’t believe Noah is counting. Or recognizing letters. It’s not just cause you’re his mom – that really is amazing! All Halle says is “one.” And sometimes “three” right after that. Ha! You’re an incredible mom, Eliza. Your sons are so blessed to have a momma who loves them and appreciates the gift they are. You inspire me. I love you. 🙂

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