Easter Part 1…Dying Eggs

There was a little debate on which I should put first…Easter or birthday! Noah’s birthday was on Easter this year, something I am told will never happen again! I am quite OK with that…it was way too early for my liking! It was a cold and dreary day here, there was even some snow on the ground.

We had a great time, though. Lisa, Larry, Landon and Linsay came over, plus grandma and ppaw (new name, now, thanks to Noah) and my older boys Morgan and Daniel. It was a great family time, and eating time! I think it wore me out, though…I was a bit tired by that evening!

The night before we went ahead and decorated eggs with Noah and the boys. It was really fun, actually…messy, and I think my table will never recover, but fun. Our new boy that has joined our family had never dyed Easter eggs before, so it was fun bringing back a tradition that I used to do with our kids when they were younger, and introducing it to two boys! It was funny to watch Ben and Anthony get into it…we had eggs with two and three different colors on them, designed painstakingly with an artist’s flair. Ben only got I think 4 eggs done? Dillon I think did a couple dozen himself!

One Reply to “Easter Part 1…Dying Eggs”

  1. Wow, it was a disaster doing eggs with just my 2 guys, but it was so much fun to watch their eyes light up when the egg came out of the dye. What a fun thing to do with all you’re boys! March was a busy month for you too huh? I hope you all are doing well!

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