One Month

Can you believe that in exactly one month I will be the mother of 3 boys? I am quite excited, although I am still anxious that nothing seems to be getting done! Our carpets get cleaned next week (big undertaking in this huge house), and that means that Dudley is now going to be an outdoor dog. Daniel doesn’t want doggie germs for the baby’s tummy time!

I have been going through clothes, getting out baby ones to wash and putting away one’s that are too small for Noah. It seems like I do that all of the time!

I can’t wait to see you Titus Patrick!

2 Replies to “One Month”

  1. One month to go! How exciting! I cant wait to meet Titus Patrick. I’m lovin his new boots 🙂 Josh wants to get some cowgirl boots for Kalei once she starts walking 🙂 See you in May!

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