The Birthday Party!

Last Saturday Noah and Landon had their 2 year old birthday party! Since the boys are only 5 weeks apart, and with the new guy coming along at about the same time, we decided it would be easier for everyone to meet in the middle for one big party, instead of driving to each other’s houses several hours apart several times in 2 months. IT WAS PERFECT!

What is up with mountain man? I love you great grandpa!
We had tons of family come! The workers at Bonkers were amazed at how many people came to the party. They were happy…look at all that pizza! Oh wait…maybe it was me that was happy! MMMM pizza!

Since Noah and Landon are BIG, HUGE fans of Elmo, we had an Elmo cake! It was seriously just about the best tasting cake EVER. (other than that Texas Sheet cake I made and devoured a few weeks ago….no mom, not just me, Daniel and the boys all helped, too! Sort of!) Ever since my mom’s birthday Noah has gotten the concept of birthday and birthday cake…he was so excited to blow out the candles…he decided to help himself to Landon’s candles too!
I love this picture…aren’t the boys just way too cute?

They were both into the presents! They both got this cool toy from great grandpa and grandma…Landon’s was a truck, and Noah’s was a train. He slept with it that night. Noah is here opening up his second pair of cowboy boots from Grandma Pat. He loves them! They are soo cute on him…silver tips and faux snake skin! My guy is stylin’!

The place we went to was called “Going Bonkers!” It is this huge place with mazes through the building that anyone can climb around in! There was a great toddler area for the boys to play to their heart’s content. They loved the slide!

Noah was so excited and was pretty into it. When going through the maze, you had to watch him because no one was getting in his way…he just kind of “pushed” his way through…it made for an exhausting time for daddy, who had to be on his toes!
I love you mom!
One special note…don’t try to take the toddler boy (QUITE ready for a nap) away from the fun place and take family pictures! I love you Noah! Happy birthday my completely active child!

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  1. Oh my Bonkers was our favorite place, we went there for Kane’s birthday and then as a going away fun night for my kids and my sisters kids. Really I think I had more fun the kids! What a wonderful birthday party!

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