Just something to see!

It has been a busy week here…we are fighting the influenza bug and aren’t quite winning. I thought I would post some pictures of my guys that are just plain cute.
Ahh…basketball, what can I say? Lance has been figuring out how to grow into those arms and legs of his…so it was an ok year. I hate the hassle of going to the games and figuring out practices/changes, so I am in greater appreciation of my mom and dad that let me do everything I wanted and was there every time I performed or played (although sports just were not my thing!)
The new “do.” We did this awhile ago, so much so that he needs a cut again! But it is so fun! I had it cut like this before his baby dedication at church (longer story coming about THAT later). He looked sooo handsome! I love the cut, and so does he!
I am telling you…he IS a farm boy!
He should be watching football or something. I have resorted back to onzies again for him…I hate this bellybutton habit! But it makes for a great embarrassing picture for when he grows up!

Love you guys! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday! I am praying that the snow/sleet is done SOON!

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