Can You Believe It?

Today as I sit here and type this entry, I am amazed when I look at the widget that says I only have 65 more days to go until our new little one gets here. There are so many things that need to be done in preparation for his arrival, but sometimes I don’t even know where to start! I have to move Noah to his big boy room and get him to sleep in his big boy bed. I have to get that room decorated and ready so that it isn’t a shocker to him when the baby gets his old room. I have to go through all of Noah’s baby clothes, wash them and hang them up to be ready for ______. Oh yeah…we still need to work on a name for this one too! I also need to come up with a creative name for the blog…it is still going to have the same web address, but needs something about all 3 of my boys now! I am still thinking about this one…

All of this came crashing down on me this weekend. Why? Many reasons. First of all, my friend of 20 years (can you believe it has been that long???) is having her baby March 30th, and we had her shower this past weekend. It was wonderful, and I will have pictures up soon. The best picture is the pregnant mommies picture. I can’t wait to get it up! The other reason I am feeling it is because we got a 3D sonogram done on Friday on our way to the shower! It is AMAZING. I loved seeing Noah, I remember the feeling of looking at him on the screen, but for this one we have been so busy that stopping to think “hello there is a child in there” has been somewhat of a challenge! Not anymore. I would like to introduce to you…baby number 2, son number 3! These pictures were amazing and so much fun to go back to my old hospital and see the sonographer there.

We are moving quick with this “little” guy, too, according to the sonogram. At 30 weeks the baby should be around 3 pounds or so. This guy is 4.2 pounds, and I am showing to be about 32 weeks. I passed the glucose test, so although that is good, I think I need to be careful and eat less sugar! BUMMER…that Texas Sheet Cake was SO GOOD last week!

4 Replies to “Can You Believe It?”

  1. I can’t believe we’ve been friends for 20 years! We surely aren’t that old! I’m so excited that now we are going to have baby boys around the same age. What fun times we have in store.

  2. I just realized that your due date is only 2 days after Josh’s birthday. Maybe they’ll share a birthday! Kaleis been bumping her head so much this week. She really wants to walk so she gets a little over confident and ends up falling. I’m going to post a little video of her walking on her own with one of those push walkers. I cant believe your baby is almost here! He’ll be here in time for Glorias wedding and I’ll be there to meet him! Love you guys.

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