The Vacation

Normally our family doesn’t get to take vacations. We are too busy with farm stuff, kid stuff, teaching stuff and life stuff to even stop to breathe. Plus, it is really just expensive. Sometimes we take off the day after Christmas for a few days just to spend time with each other, but usually for a weekend or so…until this year! We took off the day after Christmas to go and celebrate mom’s birthday and didn’t come home for a long, long, time! We got a condo in Branson MO (I know, I know…hitting the high life we are!) and just spent time with each other, taking a breather from the stress of kids who are challenging and refocused our priorities and got to gel as a family. It was great. So, here are some pictures!
First of all, gma showed Noah how to make a ramp for his cars…this kept him entertained for hours! (OK, OK, I exaggerate…at least a few minutes!)
Hello Branson!!!

Just hanging out! We have discovered that Noah is a fish and LOVES LOVES LOVES the water!

One night Landon came to visit us and brought Uncle Nate and Aunt Kari! It was so much fun to have a night to eat and spend time with each other. And do some avid Elmo watching, too!
Eat Nak Nandon!

Isn’t she pretty??? I love my Aunt Kari!
I love to wrestle my Uncle Nate!

We love Elmo!
Daddies and their boys.

I love breakfast!

One night we got to visit my friends Erin and John and ate at Lambert’s! Lance was fascinated at the guy throwing rolls…I was just plain fascinated with the FOOD!

Noah and Lance had so much fun with Ethan and Sadie! Ethan even taught Noah the fine art of eating butter! mmmm!

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