The Last of the Random Cuteness at Christmas

Just some leftover pics that I wanted you to see! I loved Noah’s Christmas outfit this year…he loved swinging his head back and forth to make the ball move on his hat.

The Start of our Vacation!

The day after Christmas is my mom’s birthday. We got up and packed up the van and took off for a long vacation…which is rare for us! We got to stop and stay at grandma and grandpa’s house for a whole 3 days! When we got there we had a cake ready for grandma to blow out her candles. Noah was fascinated.

Happy Birthday mom!

Don’t you love the matching hats!?

The Christmas Outfit

This is Noah’s Christmas outfit. I found the hat on sale and when I put in on his head I thought for sure he would take it off immediately. Just the opposite happened. He loves his hat! He is pretty insistent on wearing it at all times, and now I sometimes hide it so that he matches throughout his day. He loves loves loves hats!

This is Noah with Santa. I had been working hard on trying to get him to not be scared of Santa. We would talk about him, and Noah would call him “Ho Ho Ho.” Well, the day came and he sat on Santa’s lap! He didn’t smile, as you can tell, but at least there was no screaming! I do love those pictures of the screaming kids on Santa’s lap, though! (As long as they aren’t my kids!)

Tuckered out Noah after a day driving to see Santa…

The Paper Show

This was classic…remember all of those stories of the children who are more interested in the paper than the toys? I didn’t see that in Noah until we were at gma’s and gpa’s house. He loved the tissue paper and had so much fun trying to be creative with it!

Christmas 2008

I know, I know it has been WAY TOO LONG! Between Christmas, concerts, vacations and work I have been a little behind! Today I hope to rectify this situation! Christmas was wonderful. I love surprising my boys with things they don’t expect, and just spending a wonderful time with them. Noah started our morning at 4:00 AM. Yes, and was wide awake…sometimes he will go back to sleep, but this morning???!!! No way! I don’t think he really knew what was going on, but he was excited anyhow! We went downstairs and played a little, letting the other guys sleep in. The picture you see in the header is Noah all tuckered out before we even got to presents! Daddy and the boys went to do chores, then we opened presents. We didn’t get Noah or Lance much just because Noah didn’t need much, and we got Lance a couple of larger presents that were nice instead of a bunch of cheapo things.
I think he didn’t mind!

Noah knew EXACTLY what to do when we got to the presents. He was so much fun because he loved passing out the gifts to everyone. Then he figured out how to open up his presents!

He loves his new toys, and usually has some farm animal in his hand with him at all times. It’s so funny… he doesn’t say cow or horse, it’s “moo” (now changed to boo), neigh and a very loud “BAA!” He does say “pig” though! The vacuum is one of his favorites!

After opening presents we went over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house we go. There we got to walk and play in the snow. And eat a candy cane during the Christmas story!