The Trip Home

On the way home it was icy, but mommy didn’t have a bad time driving home this time! There was a BIG ice storm, though and grandma and grandpa didn’t have electricity when we got there! Here’s why:

Winter Wonderland????
I was all smiles in the car, though!

It Was Worth The Trip!

Ahh…over a few more rivers and passing by some more woods, to my cousin’s house we go! I knew who everyone was when I got there because mommy kept showing me my Uncle Nate, Aunt Kari and Landon’s picture a lot and kept telling me how much fun I was going to have! SHE WAS RIGHT! Landon and I share a love of several things. Balls balls balls and more BALLS!
(and watching ELMO!)
Play places!

(I love this picture!)
Bath time!

And best of all! Christmas presents!!!

Here’s some fun stuff! Aunt Kari got a Nano…boy was she surprised!
Then, Nate got some ITunes stuff!
Then when Lance opened one of his presents, he got slippers! He did a great surprise look, though, when he opened grandma’s slippers! ha!
But then he got the right bag, and boy was he happy! GO MU!!
Landon REALLY had a great time with Lance, by the way…this is mommy’s favorite picture.
Everyone had such a great time it was such a fun weekend! Merry Christmas everyone!

An Early Christmas!

On a cold winter morning, mommy and daddy got up at the crack of dawn and saw there was ice on the ground! After teaching and chores, the packing was finished up and we were on our way! Over a few rivers and through paved road woods, to grandma’s house we go! This was our first stop. It took a long long long long time. The ice got worse, and momma needed a break. Because I was screaming. Because it was taking a long long long long time. Are you all with me? But I got happy after playing for awhile at a McDonald’s playplace!

We got to spend the night at grandma’s house! Grandpa made this really cool manger scene.
I liked the baby Jesus a lot!

Next stop…Landon’s house and Christmas with Uncle Nate and Aunt Kari!!!