I had so much fun at Thanksgiving this year! I found my new favorite foods…ham and corn! I just couldn’t stop eating and eating it! And mommy’s rolls…mmmmm. I was a little confused because gma and gpa came early and I almost thought that they were going to stay with me while mommy and daddy left…then I figured out that they were here to stay and just play with me! I loved that.

THEN my other Gma and Gpa came and I had fun with them too!

Mommy and Gma cooked and cooked and cooked. There was ham, turkey, homemade stuffing, sweet potatoes, more sweet potatoes (mommy’s favorite), corn, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, and PIES! LOTS AND LOTS OF PIES! Mommy couldn’t have done it without Gma’s help!

While mommy and gma cooked and cooked I kept myself busy in other ways…I decided to cover up with Dudley and take a nap.

So many people came over, which was so much fun…they ate and ate and ate

and then played games. They were really really loud, but I could tell that mommy was having a great time after cooking for days!

I love Thanksgiving! Daddy’s friend B even got down and played my favorite game with me! Hit the pots and tap my head!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving like we did!

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