I’m Lovin’ It

You know, my mom says that when you get older you don’t get as excited about decorating, cooking and everything for the holidays. Well, if that is true, I am going to live it up to the fullest now, so that when that happens I can live off of the past years. Honestly, the way I am wired, I don’t think I could get less excited about it…but you know, hormones and everything are the greatest right now! ha

I thought last year was going to be so much fun with Noah opening presents and getting into the paper, but I think he will top this year. In our community the lights have gone up…he noticed the first night! He kept pointing out the window and saying…well, I have no idea what he was really saying…we think it was his idea of “what’s that?” He would say it at every decoration as we drove down the street…I started driving slowly so he could hear what they were and try to say it after us…angel, snowmen, carolers, bird, ice skaters. Let me tell you it was so funny to hear him say those words! He would look up and point at the lightpost decorations…I just had to do it…I think we drove up and down the street that night at least 4 times! I know, crazy, but it is so much fun to have my son soooo excited (crazy) about Christmas like I am.

So, the sermon for this week is done already, and I have been watching and watching the Food Network for tons of new recipes this year. I love Thanksgiving. It is the holiday that Daniel and I set aside for us in our home. It is always so hard to figure out whose house to go to when, and then at Thanksgiving time none of our kids end up going home b/c their parents are so far away, so bringing them somewhere feels like a burden to the person’s house that we are going to. So…Thanksgiving is the time where we stay home and everyone comes to eat at our house. My mom and Glen will be here tomorrow, the room is all ready for them, Mike and Debi will be here on Thursday morning, and my college boys will be here too! We have tried to make it the holiday that when all of our “kids” grow up, they always know that they have a place to “come home” to when they have a family of their own. I LOVE IT.

So, it is a crazy time with friends and family, TONS of people and TONS of food. House is clean, just needs a once-over, and let the cooking begin! Did I mention that I’m excited?

2 Replies to “I’m Lovin’ It”

  1. WooHoo! So much fun. I like your baby….things. That’s cool. So you’re due in April? Lisa’s March, you’re April, and I’m May 21st — that’s so fun. Glad that you’re feeling better now.I love you and miss you so much. I need to call you!

  2. Yeay for the holidays! I’m so excited for Kaleis first Christmas and am really glad that we get to spend it here at home this year! Even though you said this year will probably top Noahs first Christmas, I’m still totally looking forward to getting into all the paper with Kalei and keeping it out of her mouth, of course!

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