Open House Week

For those of you who don’t know, our ministry puts on an open house every year where we invite the surrounding community to come and see what is going on here (people are always curious). We advertise it on the TV stations around, and expect at least 1000 people or so to come and eat a free steak dinner. So, what does that mean for me? BUSIER than BUSY. So…I thought I would post these cute videos and pic of the hayride we had on my birthday with the daycare, and Noah reading his favorite book. Have a great week…hopefully it will go smoothly for us!

Aren’t they the cutest? It took FOREVER to get this one good picture…Noah is going through some kind of stranger anxiety thing…or photo phobia, I don’t know which.

One Reply to “Open House Week”

  1. Yeay Open House!! I hope you’re not too busy! Kalei went through a phase where she would see a camera and stop what she was doing but now she is starting to look at it and smile! I cant wait to see you guys!

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