Please Pray

This is Noah’s friend, Julienne. Last night an accident happened and hot boiling water went down the front side of her. She was rushed in a helicopter to a hospital burn unit far away, but luckily our pastor found out and flew the parents to be with her. They made it just as the helicopter landed.

The Dr.’s are hopeful, and we as a church are praying for our family. It’s not as bad as it could have been, she may not even have to have skin grafting, but this is too hard on the parents. Please pray that they will have peace and feel the comfort of Jesus at this time.

We also lost a great woman of God last night. Our school’s librarian Lillie went to be with the Lord. She was funny, spirited, loved to sell our cheese and was sometimes cranky! She loved this ministry and prayed diligently for our kids here at hland. I will miss her so much, but her family will miss her more. Please pray that as they are comforted that she is now not in pain, they will know the power of God in their lives.

3 Replies to “Please Pray”

  1. I tried to reply to your email earlier in the week, but it bounced. Kari, Landon, and I are doing well. We are visiting some friends this weekend in Memphis, I am speaking to a group of students at Bellevue.

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