18 Months Old

I have been thinking and thinking about how to start this blog. I could write a letter to you, Noah, about all of the things you are doing now. I could have you write the letter, but then that wouldn’t be long b/c you won’t sit still long enough for anything! So, I think I will write a top 18 list…18 things I love about you!

1. You are talking up a storm now…even when we can’t understand you, you still talk and expect us to listen RIGHT NOW!
2. You can tell us where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth teeth and tongue are. You love to show my your tongue. Just this week you figured out your BELBOW!! too, and get so excited about that one!
3. Eating is still your favorite thing…you love broccoli, green beans and carrots, and corn on the cob. Any kind of fruit will do too! But you favorite? Trix cereal. It’s a treat your grandpa Mike got you hooked on, so now every time you see him, you KNOW you are getting some!
4. Boots. You can say the word quite clearly, and if you see them in your room that is the only thing you will put on. It has become a challenge for me to find shirts that go with your boots now that it is getting cooler. I dread the day when the boots are too small. Let me just say that I am looking for another pair already!
5. You are a helper…at least you try to be! Yesterday you tried to vacuum and instead hit your head with the hose. You also love to sweep and use the dustpan. If the garage door is open, you are immediately there ready to grab it. Cooking is your favorite time of the night…I have to plan ahead so that I have enough time for you to help me. Yesterday you helped me put the beans in the pot and spilled the juice out of the can…then you got a rag and wiped up the mess. Wow. I just had to stare at you! Today you wanted to help put away the toilet paper…you stacked and unstacked them in the kitchen!

6. You have started singing in this sweet beautiful voice. You love for me to sing, and love to listen to music all of the time. You start singing along and move from side to side whenever music comes on.
7. I don’t know if I really like this, but you have figured out where your belly button is, and love to show it to everyone. You also are trying to start the habit of putting your finger there when you are distressed or thinking. I have resorted to putting you into the snap shirts because it is a habit I am trying to break!
8. You are still on goat’s milk. I decided to put you on this b/c your dirty diapers were driving me crazy. So many of them! When I switched your milk, you went from 6 or so a day to 3. That is still a lot, but so much better for your bottom!
9. Your hemangioma’s you had when you were born? They are still there but not so noticeable now. I don’t worry as much at all!
10. You LOVE LOVE LOVE your bath time. You put your toys in the water as the tub fills up and you love to dump the water all over you. Sometimes if I wait too long, though, you get a little impatient!
11. Elmo. You love Elmo, and you love to say his name. Who knew what I was doing when I got that stuffed toy for you? You sleep with him now, only at night, and it is just too cute to see you tuck your knees and hands under you while grabbing at Elmo. I also found an Elmo that does the chicken dance…it makes you laugh every time…you hop up and down and try to flap your wings with Elmo.
12. The potty. Well, this is a little interesting. I bought you a potty chair b/c you were getting pretty good at letting us know when you were going to go, and are aware of what’s going on down there. I would love to get you out of diapers before the new little one arrives! I got you an Elmo potty. He talks to you when you give him a high five, in Spanish and English, and you love to hear him talk. You were TERRIFIED of sitting on the potty, though. So, we have just kept it in the bathroom, and play with it every night. For the past week you have been not so scared, and will sit on the potty! One time you even went in the potty! WHOO HOO! I am taking it easy on this one, really…I don’t want to stress you out too much!
13. Basketball! You love to play basketball or with any kind of ball for that matter. You just started trying to sit on the ball like the big boys do…it cracks me up every time!
14. The Itsy Bitsy Spider is you favorite song. You can kind of do the actions to it, and it’s really cute. Your favorite action is when we “wash the spider out.”
15. Dudley is still your bestest friend ever. Daniel and I still wonder how in the world this dog has not bitten you yet. In the mornings you go and lay on his bed with him, and he shares it with you!
16. You love the farm and everything about it. And I am so happy about that! Lately you have been helping daddy get eggs from the chickens. You go around the pen and looks for the eggs, pick them up and put them in the crate. Sometimes you get so happy you clap your hands (that just happen to be full of eggs) and get it all over you! Your favorite thing to do? Pick up dirt and throw it on the chickens…and yourself. You are covered from head to toe with dirt when you get back. You are ALL BOY!

17. Every time I walk into the room you look at me and say…”daddy!” or “Dudley!” I can’t really tell which. Then, I put my hands on my hips and you say…”mommy” in this tone that let’s me realize that you really do know who I am, you are just joking with me…I think!
18. Our most favorite thing is when you grab us so hard to hug us that it hurts…boy does it make everything alright! It’s really funny too, when Daddy and I hug each other you get really jealous and want in there too!

Now, before everyone thinks there is this perfect little boy out there, remember, I am writing about all he does at this age! He also is a great fit-throwin, foot-stompin’, refuses to nap taken’, Dudley chasin’ little guy. And I love him, although I am about to fall asleep right now!

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  1. Aww!! I love the videos. I kept checking the blog for new things and there wasnt anything new for a long time so I didnt check for a week, so when I checked tonight, I had lots of catching up to do! I cant believe he doesnt mind being around all of those chickens! He got that from his daddy 🙂 I cant wait to see him!

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