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Eleanor, I miss you so much. You were my faithful commenter. I know people read this blog, really I do, but you were the faithful one. You were the one that would tell me that someone out there cared enough to read the blog…I miss you and your internet!

6 Replies to “No Comment”

  1. Cool countdown Eliza. You never told me how far along you are. Are you still feeling sick? Noah is getting so big! His facial features are really changing. I think we’ll be bringing Kalei to visit really soon. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Oh! I can just picture Daniel with a little girl! Hes got such a soft heart, he would do great. And yeah, it would be totally different than whatever experiences he might’ve had with Maiah. Eliza, she would turn him to mush instantly πŸ™‚ I can picture that cheesy Daniel smile that he’d have from just looking at her. Listen to me.. I’m talking like we know it’s a girl! I cant help it. Having Kalei is so great. Josh and I both wanted a girl first. I’m not so sure about having boys to be quite honest (not like I could make special arrangements or anything) but surprisingly Josh wants a boy next. Hmm… I wouldnt have expected that. So probably another what? 8 weeks before you can find out? Of course, I’ll just warn you that if you’re anything like me… even if they do say it’s a girl, you’ll second guess it all the way through. I always had the “what ifs.” When she was born, it was the first thing I looked for; to see if it was indeed a girl πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, I never got around to saying Congrats! DId you’re adoption go through? I just wanted to say hi as well. We are really blessed it is beautiful here, however Justin is deployed right now:( that is something we’re not telling my mom so she doesn’t worry) but I think I found a good fit for church here and I am going to PWOC on Tuesday, protestant women of the chapel, they are doing the Love and Respect Bible study that I have been wanting to do forever, they also have a Dobson study which sounds like fun and a Beth Moore study which I love! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying you’re pregnancy. Take care- Arleta

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