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Eleanor, I miss you so much. You were my faithful commenter. I know people read this blog, really I do, but you were the faithful one. You were the one that would tell me that someone out there cared enough to read the blog…I miss you and your internet!

My little helper

Noah is such a helper. I am amazed at the things we tell him and he will do, understanding what we said. I just keep thinking he is my little baby, but he isn’t. It is a normal thing to find him picking up a broom and trying to “help” with whatever I am doing at that moment. Here are some pictures of him “helping” grand-PA building the nestboxes for the 1500 chickens that came in 2 weeks ago!
I’m helping grand-PA! (This is how he says grandpa)

Labor Day!

Over Labor Day weekend my cool cousin Landon came to visit. He brought with him Uncle Nate and Aunt Kari. They are so much fun!

First we went to the mall and played on these neat toys…Aunt Kari showed me how to crawl through stuff. I had so much fun!

Peek A Boo!!

Landon and I liked eating together with the rest of the family!
Uncle Nate played football with Lance…I wanted to play too!
Grandpa took us for a ride in the wagon!
I’m not too sure if I liked it, though.
Mommy liked holding and playing with Landon a lot!

Finally…An Update

Well, this one is different, folks…I am fighting hard the morning, afternoon and evening sickness…everyone thinks its a girl. HA. I just want to stay awake and feel good so I can get more work done!

We got to stop by the park the other day, and they had this great slide just Noah’s size! It was hard to pull him away from it. Until he figured out the rocking horse, and that was his new best friend! My little guy is growing up so fast!

Still to come…
Labor Day Visits!
Lance’s Birthday and…
1,500 CHICKENS???!!!