The Mighty Adventures of the Fam…

There have been so many things that we have done in the past few weeks, and so much that Noah has accomplished! Enjoy the pictures!
Noah and Avery for the first time in the sand box! They loved driving the cars through the sand!
The boys look so much alike!

Daniel got Dudley a new doggie bed, which he loves…so does Noah.
I am so thankful that Dudley puts up with Noah! What a great doggie! Oh…and the Elmo doll? Noah attached himself to it and sleeps with it now! Too cute.
Boy the times they are a changin’. He loves to play on the computer… is amazing!!!
What an eater Noah is! He is very independent, wanting a spoon or fork at all times to feed himself. He is very good at it now, and it is so much easier to get things done while he feeds himself! Amazing, little boy, he’s growing up!
This is so fun! It is a normal thing now for Noah to find someone’s shoes and put them on and try to walk with them on. These are his daddy’s shoes! That’s a lot of shoes to fill!
My child is a fish, I tell ya. He LOVES LOVES LOVES the water. He found the sprinkler the other day and played and played and played!

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