Where Do I Begin?

Ahh…the fair is now over, maybe I can catch up on some updates! Here is a precious video for you guys! For many weeks before this, my dear sweet boy wouldn’t take any steps by himself. If he wanted to go somewhere, his independence wanted to walk, his confidence wouldn’t let go of our fingers. Then one night, BOOM…back and forth back and forth he walked.

I realize later that I think my son is a little bit of a perfectionist (just like daddy). Since that day he walks everywhere! And is now getting better at running, too! I say he is a perfectionist b/c he doesn’t really ever fall. He walks and catches his balance, and moves on. I guess he just waited until he could walk on his own! So cute!

3 Replies to “Where Do I Begin?”

  1. Oh, that’s so funny. That little whine at the end. I’ve heard it too many times myself. Ha!He’s so cute. What high steps he takes!And I love that pic of him in the cornfield! I think he is starting to look more like Daniel.

  2. Oh the whine! He is getting good at it. Thank goodness he likes to sign so he doesnt wine as much as he could! The pic in the cornfield was actually taken by Dion! It was a 4H project…amazing, isn’t it? He looks and acts more like his daddy everyday! I love it.

  3. Wow, good job Dion! So, I just realized that was Anthony in the background. Oh my goodness, Eliza! I thought he was Daniel because he was so tall! I can’t believe it! He looks like a man!

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