Like Father Like Son

Just some cute pics from a long time ago, but isn’t it funny how he just gravitates towards certain things? 🙂

All is well here, I have had some horrible experiences with the dentist, but can finally almost eat on my right side of my mouth now! Can anyone say “root canal?” Just when I thought I couldn’t experience any more pain, I got a crown last week, and I am still not done! AHHHH!

4th Of July

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I readily admit that I am so like a little kid when the fireworks start. Daniel and I have a tradition of packing up and taking the kids to his hometown and watching the display there. It’s not as crowded as the bigger cities a little further, but still has a decent fireworks display, with tons of SONIC BOOMS. My favorite.

I was afraid that Noah would be scared of the noise and the big blasts of light. He slept through last years display, so this was really his first 4th. He LOVED it! He layed on top of his daddy and just stared up into the sky…so cute. He would point and say oh! when a pretty one would explode. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Here he is pointing at the sky…
At the end we were around some great people and we all clapped at the big finale…so did Noah!

A Snazzy Dresser

I know that I am going to regret this picture when I am in high school, aren’t I? Mom, what were you thinking?

I love to put on shoes and try to walk all over the place!

I’ve got it made in the shade! (This is the only picture with him in sunglasses…he still doesn’t like them AT ALL)

Uncle David Came to Visit!

A great surprise happened the weekend before the fair…Uncle David came to visit! Mommy got to spend some good time with him, and I got to meet him for the very first time! He’s a great uncle…
I loved riding on his shoulders…
He let me pet all of the animals and talked like Daffy duck!

Most of all, he was a huge help to daddy the week before the big fair. Daddy had to get so much done, and Uncle David came at the perfect time. I love you Uncle David!

All sorts of new things!

Not only has Noah started walking, he’s started climbing! It seems like it is all just happening at once! We are having so much fun!
climbing on the showbox before the fair.

Don’t you just love the smile?

Remember how he liked to crawl back and forth on the island? He has found a new joy in walking through it now! Don’t you love the little tummy? Can you all tell he’s a GOOD eater?

He loved this chair on our anniversary weekend! Another great smile.

Where Do I Begin?

Ahh…the fair is now over, maybe I can catch up on some updates! Here is a precious video for you guys! For many weeks before this, my dear sweet boy wouldn’t take any steps by himself. If he wanted to go somewhere, his independence wanted to walk, his confidence wouldn’t let go of our fingers. Then one night, BOOM…back and forth back and forth he walked.

I realize later that I think my son is a little bit of a perfectionist (just like daddy). Since that day he walks everywhere! And is now getting better at running, too! I say he is a perfectionist b/c he doesn’t really ever fall. He walks and catches his balance, and moves on. I guess he just waited until he could walk on his own! So cute!

The Big Suprise

So for the past year or so I had the coolest idea for a surprise for Daniel. I was going to do it for Christmas, but I couldn’t get it together, then his birthday came around and I missed that! Well, I finally got my act in gear and I got to surprise Daniel for our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!! I got together with Kathy, and we were off. The mission? A Soul Filling Station Reunion! Soul Filling Station, you say? Well, before Daniel and I came to Hland, we were youth ministry workers in a Baptist church not too far away. Daniel was called to start this ministry that worked with kids and adults that serve in churches each week and needed a place for themselves to get “filled up.” SFS was born. We had so many adult supporters, and by the end we had about 90 kids coming, a traveling drama troupe and two local TV shows. It was a hard time and a good time. I have been missing the “kids” that we worked with, and wanted to see how they were doing. I also wanted Daniel to have time to just worship. Not worry about who was thinking what, and to just be free.

So, SFS Reunion project was born. Kathy found tons of names and people and kids that now had kids of their own. It was sooo much fun to see who had married whom, and what they were all doing. I was so blessed b/c most of them were actively serving the Lord. So amazing what God was doing!

So, I planned everything for the big surprise. Actually, Kathy pulled everything together. I just planned how to get Daniel to the surprise. (Really hard if you know Daniel, everything has to be planned for him and he needs to know about it!). So, I rented a cabin for the weekend (AHHH a getaway!), and it just happened to be near this great beach on the lake that I wanted to go and “check out” on Saturday.

Saturday, the big day…a day without email, and avoiding phone calls while Daniel is in the car with me. Hmmm…let’s go and check out that beach, I say. Ok, he says, wondering why I am putting Noah and Lance’s bags in the van just to go swimming. (Grandma and Grandpa were going to take them for the night after the picnic) I ask…do you think you might want to wear this shirt that matches your shorts? No, he says, thinking…it doesn’t matter, I am going swimming and no one knows me at all here. Ok, I say.

We pull up to the picnic area before the beach entrance. Lance all of a sudden hollers…hey, is that Bubba’s car? No, I say as I am trying to hit Lance to get him to not ruin the surprise. Then Daniel looks out and there is Kathy.

What is Kathy doing here?
I don’t know, Daniel, why don’t you go out and say hello to her and see what she is doing here?

As Daniel gets out of the car, he sees Bubba’s car behind us and is really confused. I tell him to go and talk to Kathy, and then he realizes that he recognizes a lot of the people there at the shelter house! HA! SURPRISE! So much fun. It worked, it worked it worked! WHOO HOO!

Oh the worship. I would have to say that was my favorite time of the afternoon. It was like we hadn’t stopped singing together for almost 7 years! No soundchecks, no confusion, no egos, just worship. Our hearts were truly blessed. So much fun singing the old songs, and singing some new ones. I can’t believe we remembered the words!!!

Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy!