A New Addition!

Well, you can all say “It’s about time!” We have a new addition to our family!

HAHAHA. Is that what ya’ll thought! Nope! Not yet! Meet Dudley.

I know it may sound a little trivial to say that God helped us find Dudley, but really He did! We were driving around the larger town in our area when the Humane Society had a special storefront set up that day. We stopped in so Noah could see the animals. He loves any kind of animal and for the most part is pretty gentle with them. We walked in, and there was the sweetest Beagle. He was so small, and layed there while Noah and Lance petted him. Then I found out Dudley was 3 years old, housebroken and wouldn’t get any bigger. I was sold. Now, the tricky part? He was pretty much an indoor dog, and Daniel wanted an outdoor dog. I just wanted a dog for Lance and Noah to grow up with. After driving around and thinking on it, we went in and adopted Dudley! He is SO sweet. He is calm and cool in the house, goes straight to his kennel at night to lay down (I put in soft blankets for him), and hasn’t had one accident! He is all Beagle, loves to chase rabbits and birds, so we have to keep him on a leash at all times since we live by some woods. I think Daniel is warming up to him. Daniel, our boy in college, LOVES LOVES LOVES Dudley. This dog loves to travel with him in his truck!

Sorry about the false alarm, folks, just thought I would have some fun with ya!

Coming soon…anniversary pictures!! Boy what a cool suprise we had for Daniel! Hey all you SFSers write me and tell me what you thought!!!

One Reply to “A New Addition!”

  1. Oh, how adorable. He looks like a good dog — nice size and not very yappy (is he?). Daniel B. would love him! I can totally see it.We keep thinking about getting Natalie a dog some day. Neither of us are pet crazy (they’re fine, but we wouldn’t buy one if it was just us two). I think we’ve decided we’ll do it if she ever brings it up! So we have a few more years at least.

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