10 years and still counting

10 years ago today I married my soul mate. God chose him for me long ago, even when I thought boys were icky. You know, when we first got married it was HARD. We were older, had both graduated college and knew what we were supposed to do…we would just forget to tell each other. Let me tell you how we met!

Many moons ago, Daniel and I each had a roomate in college(we went to different colleges) that met each other (through me) and eventually got married to each other. I was in the wedding, and Daniel was there to help out however he could. Well, Julie and Kevin decided that we needed to be together. We met at the wedding…a little awkward, because all of Kevin and Daniel’s friends from college were ready for us to meet. They grilled me at the wedding reception, wanting to know if I was good “wife” material. They must have approved…haha.

Daniel really impressed me at the wedding reception. I could tell he had a servant’s heart. I would look down and my glass was almost empty…the next time I looked down it was full! He would pull out the chair for me, and when I mentioned how I loved the meatballs, he came back witha plate full of them for me! I wanted to share them with him, but he wouldn’t eat any until I was full. Wow, now that’s impressive!

I was hooked.

A couple of weeks later I took my spring break and stayed with his mom and dad and “got to know him a little better.” We’ve been together ever since.

Now things are smoother, amazing, and fun. I love my family. I am blessed by my husband. He is amazing, loving and has the most amazing servants heart. I learn from him everyday and am sooo blessed. 10 years? WOW. I can’t wait to see how the next 10 years are going to be like!

I love you Daniel!! I am blessed by you!

One Reply to “10 years and still counting”

  1. Aw, that’s awesome. Congratulations on ten years! That’s a milestone! (Did you ever tell people — proudly — that you were a DECADE old? Now, you’re a “decade married”!) 🙂And, thanks — I love you, too. Really glad you’re my friend.

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