My Big Boy

Can you see how tall Lance is getting!!!?? Oh my!
Last Sunday my boy, Morgan, graduated Bible College. I am so proud of him! This guy is the story of perseverance. He listens to advice, comes home for Sunday dinner and tells me what he is thinking. Through all of the challenges he has had in his life, he has continued with one thing…serving Jesus and loving God with his whole heart. I am proud to have had a part in raising this young man. And now he is going to Europe to learn how to make cheese! WOW. Amazing what God turns into good! I pray that Noah and Lance both see his example and strive to be just like Morgan!

This is our Pastor, the one who had the vision for this ministry and because of that Morgan is now as successful as he is. What a refuge hland is!

2 Replies to “My Big Boy”

  1. Hey it is Arleta, hope you don’t mind mom sent me the link to you’re blog!! It is great to see you all again!! I have a blog on here too but don’t know how it works very well yet as I kinda just started it a few months ago. Take care!!!

  2. SO GREAT! I am so glad you are entering the world of blogging! It is a lot of fun and really, once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take TOO much time! I can’t wait to see the updates on your growing family…tell me, is this one a girl?

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