Ahh, Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. I am a little late in talking about this, but, as a mother, I am sort of busy!

I am blessed. Nothing brings that out more than a day to celebrate something I have waited so long for. As a houseparent you are stuck with being a mom, yet not being a mom. I am the one who disciplines, feeds, clothes and cares for many children. But there was never a “mom” said…I am really ok with that…sometimes, though,it’s hard because those moms are the “saviors” and I am the mean houseparent. It comes with the ministry, I expect this sacrifice I know, I’m just sayin’…

This year was different. I have two children that have graduated High School that Daniel and I have had the privilege of raising. As soon as Morgan graduated, he began to call me mom. I love him like my son, and am so blessed to have him call me mom. I do have that mama tiger sense of protection when it comes to him. I feel like I have done right somehow with him…that somehow through all of my mistakes and stupidity and character flaws I have he is turning out ok. Better than ok. He is serving God with his whole heart. He listens to advice, and even comes home for Sunday supper. I love that. That’s what I want for all of my children. He came over on Saturday night, I was fighting Noah (that’s another story) to get to sleep, and he comes in with flowers for me for Mother’s Day. ROSES. BEAUTIFUL ROSES. I love them! I was so surprised, he said I love you mama and then went to his dorm room. So sweet for a college kid to think of me. I am so blessed.

THEN…on Sunday morning Lance came downstairs before church with a basket of cooking utensils. I had really wanted/needed some new things, and they were red! Plus some cute dish towels. He also gave me some money to buy some flowers. I am telling you this was wonderful…Daniel rembered that I love picking out my own flowers to plant. Oh so sweet for Daniel and Lance to think of me.

My heart was so happy to be a mom. Then something special happened. The uniqueness of our ministry came out even more to me. Throughout most of the morning there were stops made from different guys that Daniel and I worked with coming in to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. To know that I impacted some lives really impacted me. Am I really being the mother I need to be? The teacher, the discipler? Not enough, I think. Am I praying enough? What is my example? God took this day to teach me more about his love and grace and will for my life…and kind of encourage me to keep trying harder with the kids still in my home. I just keep thinking…”they will remember me when they are older…”

Oh I love being a mother. I love everything this year about being a mother because Noah’s personality is turning out to be so much fun. The first year I just cried and cried and was soooo thankful. I am still thankful, but now I have this little guy around me, playing with me, “talking” to me. Thank you Jesus!

2 Replies to “Ahh, Mother’s Day”

  1. Awww! That is so sweet! It makes ME want to cry! You ARE awesome, Eliza. I love you, and am so glad to wish you a Happy Mother’s day.

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