My Big Boy

Can you see how tall Lance is getting!!!?? Oh my!
Last Sunday my boy, Morgan, graduated Bible College. I am so proud of him! This guy is the story of perseverance. He listens to advice, comes home for Sunday dinner and tells me what he is thinking. Through all of the challenges he has had in his life, he has continued with one thing…serving Jesus and loving God with his whole heart. I am proud to have had a part in raising this young man. And now he is going to Europe to learn how to make cheese! WOW. Amazing what God turns into good! I pray that Noah and Lance both see his example and strive to be just like Morgan!

This is our Pastor, the one who had the vision for this ministry and because of that Morgan is now as successful as he is. What a refuge hland is!

I’m Excited

Today Noah and I are going to be on our way to the Lake! We are going to spend time with grandma and grandpa before they leave to go build another church. I get to go shopping with some friends (more little guy clothes!) while they get to watch him. I can’t wait!

Reasons I love being a mommy!


2. You’re becoming a human! I am so suprised because you understand me so well. When I tell you to lay down, you cry, but do it. When I ask you where your hat is, you sign it. When I tell you no, you understand me. Now, you may understand me…but obediance? Hmmmm. Might need to work on that a bit!

3. I love it when I lay down on the floor you are ready to jump on me and ride the horsey. Then you do the greatest thing…you lean over my shoulder as far as you can go w/o falling off and look at me with the biggist grin. It’s like we share this great secret or something. You look at me with so much love and happiness, it is the best moment of my day.

4. You get so excited when you watch the one video that you like. You get set up in grandma’s rocking chair and rock really fast and squeal when the music starts. I love it!

5. Everyday I remember that you are a miracle prayed for by many people, including our Pastor, and he loves you very much!

6. You LOVE baths. It is the highlight of the day. You know it when I say “it’s time for you bath!” You speed crawl to the bathroom and stand at the tub, throwing in all of your toys…you love bubbles, too! When you are in the bath, you try to put your face down in it, and love it when I pour water over you head. We have a special bucket and you have now become the most excited when you get ahold of it and pour the water on yourself. Amazing. You laugh and laugh and laugh when the water comes over you and you LOVE to splash mommy and daddy. Now, getting you out of the bath has become quite a challenge. You try to get away from me, and it is so funny because you move the little seat around and claw at the water.

6. When we tell you “no” you look at us and sign the word “please.” It is so hard not to laugh at you!

7. I love it that you love to snuggle. When I need a hug or a kiss, you are right there to give it. In the mornings when we get to be lazy (not often) you come and snuggle with us in bed. I love mornings like that.

8. It may sound crazy, but I love your strong will. It isn’t as dramatic as it could be, but it is there none the less. I lay hands on you pray every night that the Holy Spirit would take that strong will and use it for God’s glory. You are just testing me, and I pray I live up to the challenge…too bad for you that you have a strong willed mommy! Just as an example…you had been waking up around 1:30 every morning wanting to go to bed with us. We were so tired and had to work so much the next day that it had become a habit for you to join us. Last week I decided that enough was enough…so we battled it out. 1:30 AM came and you were there crying. I was there telling you to go back to sleep and patting your back to lay back down. You cried and cried, and then would stop. Then start. Then stop. I would come in around every 10 minutes to tell you I love you (b/c I REALLY can’t stand to hear you crying) by around 3AM I was tired, and you were tired. I left you wimpy crying, and that was it. You have not woken up in the night once since then. WOW. I love the book “The New Strong-Willed Child!”

9. I love your laugh. It is so funny because you hold it in as much as you can, and then…HA! You have this giggle that comes out in a burst.

10. You always come back for more. When we tickle you or play with you, you lean in, waiting for us to do it some more!

11. You love the outdoors. Every chance you get you want to be outside. You are content for LONG periods of time when you are in the grass and playing with your buggy car or your John Deere Tractor. Digging up the grass has now also become a favorite thing to do…you are just like your daddy and I love that about you. I pray that you will love animals and love working the earth just like your daddy. Because you love the outdoors, I now have tons of excuses to go outside and just relax in the grass with you, play ball with you and walk with you.

12. You have picked up our habit at waving at people in the cars. Everytime a car passes by you wave. Really big. You are such friendly guy! It is so funny because you have just gotten the hang of waving, and now it is such a natural thing to wave when you hear the car pass by you!

13. Winking. You have learned this great skill. You know just when to wink at me to get me to laugh. Expecially when you are just about to do something wrong and know I am going to get after you.
14. This one really makes me laugh. Every animal you see is DOG. You have a love for animals, that is for sure. Just yesterday you heard a bird on the roof of our house and you arffed at it, signing the word “dog” and looking up at it while you did it. We have decided that the sign “dog” is just your sign for animal. You sign it when you see the kittens, the goats and the rabbits at the farm. When I try to explain and show you the different animal signs you look at me with great concentration, like you are trying to get it, and then you go ahead and arf and sign “dog” anyhow.

15. I love playing games with you! You love to find your toes, play pat a cake and LOVE peek a boo! My favorite part is that you like to start it on your own…you take your bib, hands or a book and cover your eyes, waiting for me to play the game with you.

16. I love reading to you at night. It is about the only time when you are calm and ready to just snuggle up on my lap and will listen to the story. Your favorite book right now is this sweet one about a hedge hog that gives up his warm winter clothes to different animals in a snow storm, then they help rebuild his house for him. It reminds me of the sweetest memory of my daddy when he would read me Rosalie every night because it was my favorite book. I love it that you connect me with some of my best memories of my daddy. I hope you remember times like these when you are older, too.

Well, I could go on and on, but I won’t, I love you Noah, and thank you for making me a mommy.

Ahh, Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. I am a little late in talking about this, but, as a mother, I am sort of busy!

I am blessed. Nothing brings that out more than a day to celebrate something I have waited so long for. As a houseparent you are stuck with being a mom, yet not being a mom. I am the one who disciplines, feeds, clothes and cares for many children. But there was never a “mom” said…I am really ok with that…sometimes, though,it’s hard because those moms are the “saviors” and I am the mean houseparent. It comes with the ministry, I expect this sacrifice I know, I’m just sayin’…

This year was different. I have two children that have graduated High School that Daniel and I have had the privilege of raising. As soon as Morgan graduated, he began to call me mom. I love him like my son, and am so blessed to have him call me mom. I do have that mama tiger sense of protection when it comes to him. I feel like I have done right somehow with him…that somehow through all of my mistakes and stupidity and character flaws I have he is turning out ok. Better than ok. He is serving God with his whole heart. He listens to advice, and even comes home for Sunday supper. I love that. That’s what I want for all of my children. He came over on Saturday night, I was fighting Noah (that’s another story) to get to sleep, and he comes in with flowers for me for Mother’s Day. ROSES. BEAUTIFUL ROSES. I love them! I was so surprised, he said I love you mama and then went to his dorm room. So sweet for a college kid to think of me. I am so blessed.

THEN…on Sunday morning Lance came downstairs before church with a basket of cooking utensils. I had really wanted/needed some new things, and they were red! Plus some cute dish towels. He also gave me some money to buy some flowers. I am telling you this was wonderful…Daniel rembered that I love picking out my own flowers to plant. Oh so sweet for Daniel and Lance to think of me.

My heart was so happy to be a mom. Then something special happened. The uniqueness of our ministry came out even more to me. Throughout most of the morning there were stops made from different guys that Daniel and I worked with coming in to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. To know that I impacted some lives really impacted me. Am I really being the mother I need to be? The teacher, the discipler? Not enough, I think. Am I praying enough? What is my example? God took this day to teach me more about his love and grace and will for my life…and kind of encourage me to keep trying harder with the kids still in my home. I just keep thinking…”they will remember me when they are older…”

Oh I love being a mother. I love everything this year about being a mother because Noah’s personality is turning out to be so much fun. The first year I just cried and cried and was soooo thankful. I am still thankful, but now I have this little guy around me, playing with me, “talking” to me. Thank you Jesus!

I know, I know…another contest!

But this one is really great! I know that some people swing by this blog and think “wow, she must be new to the blogging world, she just has a template.” I am fairly new, but spending the money for a design for something that doesn’t HAVE to have a design? A little on the can’t do that right now side. But here at Everyday Mommy is my chance! Pick me! Pick me!

This is so wonderful!

Take a look here! Sometimes it still shocks me that I am a mommy. It was such a long journey to get here, and now it has been a year. So, the ladies at 5 minutes for mom are honoring us mommies with some wonderful contests! Here is the one I really like! Who couldn’t use an IPod!