One Year Pictures

So on his birthday, we took Noah out and got pictures taken. I don’t know what I was thinking. Usually we go to our friend here at HL. His pictures are amazing and I love his patience (especially with Noah!). He is also VERY reasonably priced…even on the cheap side of things, but he has been blessed by God with an amazing talent and blesses all of us here. So, with all that said, we went to Sears. It was nice, just not personal and I felt bad for asking for some different poses. I don’t feel bad anymore, the cost took care of that for me! The pictures are great, it took us TOO LONG choosing them, but my little guy is beautiful and full of personality! I will go to our guy here from now on, I learned my lesson!

sorry, thought I got this one turned, but no such luck!

I think that this one is my favorite, but gradma says it’s a sad one, because he looks so grown up!

I did them smaller because I chose so many! Here comes more!

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