Just an Update!

WOW! It has been awhile! These are just some pictures over the past couple of weeks. Noah has been sick, so most of the normal life has been on hold. He is recovering well, though! He still isn’t walking yet, although all of the boys his age are now! He is starting to say momma, but only when I am not in the room. He says it to daddy all of the time! Silly guy! Take a look at the video link, too! I have added a few videos…rocking to music, peg leg and just some of that bubbling personality!

Just thought I would put my feet up and relax as I eat my hot dog!

I love rocking in the chair! Just relaxin’ as I watch my favorite video!

I love the outdoors! I also love taking walks with my friend Avery! This is the car we got him for his birthday and he LOVES it. He waves and honks the horn as we walk along. The boys love taking turns pushing each other in the car, and walking with their mommies in Avery’s wagon. I love the spring!

2 Replies to “Just an Update!”

  1. No, well…maybe I’m just signing in, but I have to hit the button that’s inviting me to start a google account. It’s more than just my name and password.CUTE PICS! What a funny boy. I like the pic with Avery. Natalie used to prop her feet up on the far side of her high chair tray (on a little hook that hung underneath the tray). It was so funny. And she used to sit like Noah, with one leg up, anytime I sat her on the grass. I guess it was too prickly for her. 🙂

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