My Little Guy Is Growing Up!

It is amazing to me how much a haircut changes you.

Noah’s haircut somehow took what little of the baby and left me with a cute, grown-up looking toddler.

He still has this cute little curl in the back, but boy is he changing. We got to go out on his birthday and give him his first haircut.
He sat so still and was very curious. If you know Noah at all, you know that sitting still was a HUGE thing. We had so much fun! We saved some of his sweet hair and got a certificate, too! We also went and had his one year pictures taken. Those are soon to come!

One Reply to “My Little Guy Is Growing Up!”

  1. Hi! I wanted to let you know where I got Jackson’s shoes. They were at Nordstrom but you can probably get them or some like them on their web site. They are Kenneth Cole brand. When I saw that I had to roll my eyes at myself, but I just needed the shoes! Your son is ADORABLE!

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