One Year Pictures

So on his birthday, we took Noah out and got pictures taken. I don’t know what I was thinking. Usually we go to our friend here at HL. His pictures are amazing and I love his patience (especially with Noah!). He is also VERY reasonably priced…even on the cheap side of things, but he has been blessed by God with an amazing talent and blesses all of us here. So, with all that said, we went to Sears. It was nice, just not personal and I felt bad for asking for some different poses. I don’t feel bad anymore, the cost took care of that for me! The pictures are great, it took us TOO LONG choosing them, but my little guy is beautiful and full of personality! I will go to our guy here from now on, I learned my lesson!

sorry, thought I got this one turned, but no such luck!

I think that this one is my favorite, but gradma says it’s a sad one, because he looks so grown up!

I did them smaller because I chose so many! Here comes more!

Just an Update!

WOW! It has been awhile! These are just some pictures over the past couple of weeks. Noah has been sick, so most of the normal life has been on hold. He is recovering well, though! He still isn’t walking yet, although all of the boys his age are now! He is starting to say momma, but only when I am not in the room. He says it to daddy all of the time! Silly guy! Take a look at the video link, too! I have added a few videos…rocking to music, peg leg and just some of that bubbling personality!

Just thought I would put my feet up and relax as I eat my hot dog!

I love rocking in the chair! Just relaxin’ as I watch my favorite video!

I love the outdoors! I also love taking walks with my friend Avery! This is the car we got him for his birthday and he LOVES it. He waves and honks the horn as we walk along. The boys love taking turns pushing each other in the car, and walking with their mommies in Avery’s wagon. I love the spring!


I am so excited! Over at 5 minutes for mom they are having another contest! I have seen these frames before, and would love to have one! Daniel and I are crazy about taking pictures, but seem to never get them off of the camera! This would be great to fix our problem!!!

A Visit To The Doctor!

Well, we finally had our one year check up yesterday! Noah is doing great, the Dr. said! When she walked in she exclaimed “My, he is huge!” And “Well, I see he is active…” This is said as he is excitedly hitting the farm clingies on the wall and jumping up and down while babbling. Yes, I think active is a good word. ha. He is 30 1/2 inches long, and 25.2 pounds…75th percentile for both. YEAH! Not to big, and not too small, just right!
She mentioned that soon he would start wanting to feed himself. He has sort of gone on a strike with food lately, (ODD) so we thought it would be fun to start teaching him how to hold the spoon…maybe spark some interest into his food again. Oh boy was that ever a…fun experience! !

He actually made it to his mouth with the applesauce a few times, but really just thought it took too long (patient, he is not) so just ended up putting the spaghetti to his mouth with fingers and then he just put the whole bowl in his mouth!

Two Easter Outfits

Well, who would have figured that a freeze would come in April and I would have to get a “back-up” outfit for Noah’s Easter outfit??? Grandma made the best outfit ever for Easter, this one you see here:
I had to get this one because there was no way I could bring him out in the cold in shorts! Oh I had such dreams about the checked outfit! I searched and searched for a golfer type hat, but no such luck. I DID find the white shoes I wanted for him, though! They are perfect. Funny…found them in the last store at the last possible moment. Isn’t shopping grand!?
All joking and cuteness aside, Noah has completely surprised us these past couple of weeks! He turned a year old and is doing so many new things!
1. He is FINALLY FINALLY sleeping through the night. I really wondered if there was going to be a good night’s sleep ever again for us!
2. You can sign “all done” It kind of looks like a wave. You are also getting the hang of signing “please!”
3. You are standing on your own!
4. Sticking out your toungue is your next favorite thing to do.
5. When we pick you up you do the sweetest thing and pat us…like we comfort you. It is truly sweet.
6. You are still a cuddler. I can always count on a huge hug, a pat and a sloppy open mouth kiss.
7. You love climbing through things now…sometimes even getting stuck!

8. The blocks from Great Uncle Danny and Great Aunt Tammy are your favorite toy. At first Chris or Lance would try to stack the blocks before you could knock them down, never getting too high. Now you are trying to figure out how to stack them yourself! You are soooo smart!
9. You have one video that your friend Avery let you borrow that you LOVE to watch. The baby signs on it and you are learning the signs! You dance and smile every time the drum part comes on.
10. Talking on the phone is a special treat for you, too! You babble a little bit when mommy puts it on speaker phone, but you also try to kiss the phone!


Video Update

I haven’t shown a video lately, so I thought I would show you the next Mozart! He just discovered the piano this week. He didn’t start banging it like I have known children to do…he played with one finger, then he looked up at Daniel and I, then played again. What a huge smile! Now he plays it a little louder! He also tried to play peek a boo with the piano, too…so cute!

My Little Guy Is Growing Up!

It is amazing to me how much a haircut changes you.

Noah’s haircut somehow took what little of the baby and left me with a cute, grown-up looking toddler.

He still has this cute little curl in the back, but boy is he changing. We got to go out on his birthday and give him his first haircut.
He sat so still and was very curious. If you know Noah at all, you know that sitting still was a HUGE thing. We had so much fun! We saved some of his sweet hair and got a certificate, too! We also went and had his one year pictures taken. Those are soon to come!